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Dubai is one of the grandest cities in the world, with top-notch road infrastructure and transportation facilities. These aspects, coupled with stringent laws, ensure a smooth traffic flow and the highest safety for vehicle drivers in Dubai. The credit for the same goes to the Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA).
Founded in 2005, the RTA offers services such as vehicle registration, granting driving licenses, providing public transportation, upkeep of roads, etc.
This article explores the role and functions of the RTA offices in Dubai to provide you with all the necessary details.

What Does the RTA Provide?

The RTA is a government body responsible for planning & building the city’s roads and maintaining its traffic & transportation systems. It develops world-class roads, ensures an orderly flow of traffic, and manages an integrated transport system to contribute to the region’s overall economic progress.

What are the Types of RTA Offices in Dubai?

There are three different types of RTA offices in Dubai. The details are as follows:

1. RTA Headquarters, Dubai

The RTA headquarters in Dubai is located beside the Emirates metro station at Al Garhoud. The building is an architectural wonder with 22 stories, state-of-the-art technology, and a beautiful landscape. This office is primarily responsible for policy-making, strategizing, and managing the city’s traffic & public transportation system to make your travel smoother and safer.

2. Customer Happiness Centers

As part of the UAE government’s digital governance mission, the RTA has opened several customer happiness centers. These centers are spread across Dubai City. They provide a range of automated services without any human intervention using smart devices. Customers can enjoy instant access to the RTA’s services. They also benefit from the online platform’s support & guidance for all their queries.

The services offered by the customer happiness centers include vehicle registration & renewal, issuing & renewing driving licenses, payment of fines, transfer of ownership of vehicles, and status checks, among others.

3. Specialized Centers

The RTA has specialized centers in Dubai to cater to certain specific requirements and services. These centers are equipped with specialist staff members with the requisite expertise & experience to handle complex tasks.

For instance, an entrepreneur who wants to start a business venture related to transportation can approach these centers to obtain a trade license in the shortest possible time. A transportation company can get its fleet of trucks registered in one go at any of the specialized centers.

List of the RTA Offices in Dubai With Contact Details

The RTA has several centers located across Dubai to provide the best-in-class services to its customers. The details are given below:

RTA Headquarters – Al Garhoud

Street – 5 Marrakech St – next to Emirates Metro Station – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

+971 800 9090

Customer Happiness Center- Al Manara

Dubai Municipality, Al Manara Center, Sheikh Zayed Rd Near Noor Bank Metro Station, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 800 9090

Customer Happiness Center – Deira

Behind Dubai Police General H.Q – Al Quds St, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 800 9090

RTA Customer Happiness Center – Al Twar

Al Twar, Near Dubai International Airport

+971 800 9090

8 am to 7:30 pm, Monday to Thursday

RTA Customer Happiness Center – Al Kifaf

Al Kifaf, Near Grand Hyatt Hotel

+971 800 9090

8 am to 7:30 pm, Monday to Thursday

RTA Customer Happiness Center – Al Barsha

Al Barsha 1, Opposite Dubai World Trade Centre

+971 800 9090

8 am to 7:30 pm, Monday to Thursday

What are the Services Provided by the RTA Dubai?

The RTA Dubai offers a host of services for the benefit and convenience of people. The details are as follows:

Issuance and Renewal of Driver’s License: People can apply for learning and driving permits at the RTA offices. They can also apply for the renewal of these permits. 

International Driving Permit: The RTA Dubai also issues the international driving license and transfers the driver’s license from Dubai to any other Emirate.

Vehicle Registration and Renewal Services: Citizens and residents can register their vehicles and also renew their registration at the RTA offices

Issuance of Parking Permits: Vehicle owners can obtain parking permits at the RTA offices

Payment of Traffic Fines: Any fine or penalty due to traffic violations can be paid at your nearest RTA office

Granting of Trade Licenses: Businesses can apply for NOCs, apply for a new trade license, or renew/cancel the existing license in case of infrastructure projects.

Public Transport Services: The Dubai RTA also oversees public transport services such as bus, tram, metro, taxis, and marine transportation

Advertising Services: Businesses and institutions can advertise their services or lease commercial spaces in buses, trams, and metro stations by obtaining a permit from the RTA

Registering and Re-registering Your Vehicles with RTA

Owners can register their vehicles either through the RTA website or by visiting any of the customer happiness centers. The detailed procedure is as follows:

Renewal of Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration in Dubai has to be renewed every year. The RTA offers a grace period of one month after the expiry of the registration by charging additional fees.

The vehicle owners must settle all their pending fines and black points (if any) before they apply for a renewal of registration. Cars older than three years have to be tested at any of the RTA-approved testing centers. 

The renewal of registration can be made through the RTA website, the RTA mobile application, approved vehicle testing centers, or the customer happiness centers. After you complete the renewal process and pay the fees, you will be issued a new license card number and expiry stickers.

Check Vehicle Registration Via the RTA

The vehicle registration in Dubai is generally valid for one year. The registration expiry date can be checked by following this simple procedure:

Visit the official website of the RTA

Click on the ‘Check Vehicle Expiry’ tab

Enter your vehicle license plate number to find out the exact date of expiry of registration

Frequently Asked Questions on the RTA offices in Dubai

The RTA offices in Dubai are usually located near bus stops or metro stations. You can do a simple Google search for the nearest RTA office. The official website of the RTA also contains a list of all its offices under the ‘Contact Us’ section.

The RTA offices in Dubai provide services under three main categories :

(i) vehicle owners

(ii) public transportation

(iii) business & corporate services.

Please visit the RTA website for further details under any of these categories.

The RTA office Dubai timings typically depend on the type of office. The headquarters is open from Monday to Thursday between 7.30 am to 3.30 pm and on Fridays between 8 am to 12.30 pm. The customer happiness centers are open from Sunday to Thursday between 8 am to 7.30 pm.