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What is Property Insurance?

Property all risk insurance compensates for financial damages to insured properties. The damages could be a result of an accident or unforeseen natural calamity. It also covers losses resulting from burglary, fire, and unexpected mishaps.

Furthermore, it includes damages to stocks, raw materials in storage, and finished goods. It also includes office equipment, furniture, etc. So, having a Property all-risk insurance policy brings you peace of mind!
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What Types Of Property Can Be Covered?

Property all risk insurance covers two types of properties, and they are :

All Buildings

All kinds of buildings, including schools, hospitals, warehouses, factories, and more, can be covered under this insurance.


Anything in the insured building, i.e., furniture, office equipment, and leasehold improvements, is also included.


Stocks for sale.

Plant & Machinery

Plant and machinery for the sole purpose of production for a business are also provided coverage under this insurance.

Types Of Perils Covered Under Property All Risk Insurance UAE

The most significant perils covered under property all risk insurance UAE are :

Fire and allied perils.

Perils resulting from natural disasters like floods.

Damages from riots and strikes.

Explosion damages.

Articles damaged during transportation from aircraft.

Accidental or impact damages.

Damages from water pipes or apparatus bursting.

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Why Do You Need Property All-Risk Insurance Coverage?

The need for a property all-risk insurance policy arises for the given reasons :

1. The risk of a sudden accident is inevitable. Hence, property all-risk insurance coverage is crucial.

2. Natural calamities are unforeseen and can cause severe damage to your property. Hence, prepare yourself with insurance for such a natural disaster before it strikes.

3. Property all risk insurance plans will cover damages that are not excluded from the plan.

Exclusions In Property All Risk Insurance Policy

A long list of items comes under the property all risk insurance coverage. But there are a few exclusions too. Let’s have a look at them :

How To Buy The Property All Risk Insurance?

Buying a property all-risk insurance will be the best choice you could make to insure yourself if you buy it from PIB secure. While choosing the best insurance on PIB secure’s extensive offerings, you can pick the best one by keeping the given tips in mind :

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Step 1

Ask as many questions as possible about the different policies available on PIB secure. Enquire to the Pib secure assistants about the basic coverage protocols, the claim settlement procedure, and much more.

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Step 2

Make the payment through the link shared by the PIB secure agents via WhatsApp or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. There is no minimum property valuation required for the all-risk insurance policy.

Yes, you need a yearly renewal for property all-risk insurance coverage. Yet, some companies may provide an exception to this.

No. If the property owners do the damages, the property all risk insurance policy will not cover it.