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What is a Group Health Insurance?

Group Health Insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides health coverage to a group of people, such as the employees of an organization. It is also known as group medical insurance.

According to UAE laws, it is mandatory for employers to provide health insurance coverage for their employees. This coverage helps the employees and their families to meet the cost of hospitalization and medical treatments.
Group Health Insurance

Who Needs Corporate Health Insurance Policy?

Group health insurance is essential for businesses in the UAE. The two UAE Emirates with mandatory health insurance laws are Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Employers must provide a minimum level of health insurance for employees in UAE. Many companies extend this facility to the dependent family members of employees.

Importance of Corporate Health Insurance in UAE

Group Health Insurance is mandatory for every business. According to UAE laws, the employer must cover all employees without deducting the premium amount from their salaries. If the employer does not cover the employees’ dependent family members, then it is the responsibility of the concerned individual to cover the dependents. The laws impose strict penalties on businesses, employees, and sponsors for non-compliance with the mandatory provisions.

Benefits of Offering Health Insurance for Employees in UAE

The major benefits of offering medical insurance for employees in the UAE are listed below.
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Inclusion of Family Members

Most group medical insurance plans extend the coverage to the employees’ dependent family members

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No Medical Examination

Unlike individual plans, the group insurance policies offered by corporates do not require any medical screening. The paperwork is minimal, with very few formalities.

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No Waiting Period

This is one of the primary advantages of group health coverage. Employees are eligible for health insurance as soon as they join the organization. There is zero waiting period and It depends on the plan you have.

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Cashless Claim Benefit

A group health insurance policy enables the employees to avail of treatments in any of the network hospitals without the need to pay from their pockets. The medical bills are settled directly by the insurer with the hospital. Depending on whether or not an insurance payment is involved.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Group health plans cover everything from routine medical checkups to surgical treatments. So, insurance for employees in UAE helps them mitigate their financial burden in emergency situations.

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Employee Retention Tool

Offering group health plans is a highly effective tool for employers to attract and retain talent in their organizations

Features of Group Health Insurance in UAE

The important features of group health insurance UAE are as follows:

It is mandatory for employers to provide basic health coverage for all their employees. But businesses can choose to offer comprehensive coverage in addition to the basic requirement.

Group health plans provide insurance coverage to large groups at affordable premiums.

The policy provides health insurance coverage to both employers and employees.

A group mediclaim policy is very versatile and can be designed to meet the requirements of different organizations.

Group health insurance plans are issued for a period of one year and must be renewed annually by the employers.

Only the existing organizations can purchase group health insurance. So a group cannot be formed solely for the purpose of buying health insurance for its members.

The insurance companies may specify a minimum employee strength for businesses to purchase group health plans. This number varies across insurers.

The premium for a group health insurance plan depends on factors such as average age, income levels, industry type, etc., for the organization.

Inclusions of Group Health Insurance

A group health insurance plan includes the following services:

Exclusions of Group Health Insurance

The typical exclusions of group health insurance plans are listed below.

Eligibility & Required Documentation for Group Health Insurance

Corporate health insurance in Dubai has specified eligibility criteria for organizations, employees, and their dependents, as listed below.
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For Business Organizations

The business must be a legal entity that is duly registered with the appropriate authorities in the UAE. The insurance companies specify the minimum number of employees that a business should have to get group health coverage.

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For Employees

Every employee must possess a valid visa to work in the UAE. It must be full-time employment. The employees must be on the company’s payroll and registered with the Ministry of Labor.

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For Dependents

Only legal dependents are covered under group health insurance. Such dependents must be sponsored by the employees.

Documents Required for Group Medical Insurance

The documents required to be submitted by the employees to get group health insurance coverage are given below.

Valid Passport with Residence Visa

Emirates ID

Proof of Address

Proof of Marriage (to cover a spouse)

Proof of Enrollment (to cover dependent children)

Factors Affecting the Cost of Group Health Insurance

There are several factors that determine the premium payable on group health insurance plans.

Number of employees to be covered under the group health plan

Amount of insurance coverage for every employee

Number of dependent family members of the employees

Personal details of the employees, such as age, gender, marital status, and income

Total claims made in the previous year

Frequently Asked Questions On Group Medical Insurance

Medical insurance for employees in UAE is mandatory under the law. The organization may choose to extend the coverage to the dependent family members of employees. If the employer does not cover the dependents, then their sponsor must arrange for their health insurance.

The term ‘dependents’ refers to your legal spouse and dependent children on your sponsorship. Your parents cannot be included as dependents in the group health insurance plan.

Add-on covers help you customize the plan to your needs and provide you with enhanced coverage. The various add-on covers available with group medical insurance are dental treatments, eyecare, wellness services, alternative treatments, and global coverage.

No. One of the biggest benefits of group health insurance plans is that it is not mandatory for employees to undergo medical examinations.

Yes. The pre-existing diseases are covered under group health insurance UAE. Check with the insurance provider about the specific requirements.

You can avail of cashless claim benefits if you choose a hospital from the insurer’s network. But if you choose a non-network hospital, you will have to first pay the medical bill and later claim reimbursement from the insurance company.

Disclaimer: The Group health insurance policy or plan may have limitations, exclusions, and other terms and conditions that may affect coverage. It is important to carefully review the policy wording before making any decision. The information contained in this article is gathered from sources deemed to be reliable & trustworthy.