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Personal Accident Insurance

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What is Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal accident insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides financial protection for people who meet with accidents. It covers unforeseen circumstances such as bodily injuries, disability, and death suffered due to accidents.

Any accident is unexpected and medical expenses are unavoidable. A huge medical bill can lead you toward a financial crisis. A personal accident policy can give you complete financial security during such emergency situations.

Types of Personal Accident Insurance in the UAE

Personal accident insurance UAE has two primary categories:
Individual Personal Accident Insurance​

Individual Personal Accident Insurance

This policy covers individuals from bodily injuries, partial/temporary/total/permanent disabilities, and death due to accidents

Group Personal Accident Insurance​

Group Personal Accident Insurance

This type of policy covers a group of people, such as corporate employees. The entire group gets financial protection for accidental death, disability, or injury. Large groups can avail of attractive discounts on premiums. The insurance plan can be customized to suit the requirements of the group.

Accidental Insurance Coverage

Personal accident insurance coverage offers the following benefits to the policyholders:

Death Coverage

If the accident is fatal and results in death, the entire sum assured is paid as death benefits to the family of the deceased individual. This provides financial security to the dependent family members

Permanent Partial Disability Coverage

If an accidental injury causes permanent partial disability, the insurance policy pays a specified percentage of the sum assured to the policyholder

Permanent Total Disability Coverage

If the accident causes permanent and total disability (e.g., loss of both limbs), the personal accident cover shall pay a specified amount to the policyholder

Temporary Total Disability

If the accident results in temporary total disability and the individual is bedridden, the policy will reimburse the loss of income based on the salary

Inclusions of Personal Accident Insurance Policy

The general inclusions of a personal accident policy are as follows:

Exclusions of Personal Accident Insurance Policy

The general exclusions of a personal accident policy are as follows:

Advantages of Personal Accident Insurance Policy

The exorbitant medical expenses and the probable loss of income after the accident can be devastating to the victim’s family. Personal accident insurance coverage offers financial protection in such situations. Some of the major advantages of a personal accident policy are listed below.

Financial security for the policyholder’s family

100% sum insured payable as death benefits

Compensation for the loss of income due to disability caused by accidents

Payment of daily cash allowance during the hospitalization period

Offers comprehensive insurance coverage at affordable premiums

Simple documentation process with no requirement for medical examination

Individual, family, and group coverage plans are available. Option to customize the policies to suit your needs

Worldwide insurance coverage available on personal accident policies

Offers education support for the deceased policyholder’s children

Provides coverage for related legal expenses and funeral/cremation costs in the event of death

How to Choose the Right Accident Insurance Policy?

Consider the following key factors to choose the best personal accident insurance.


The premium amount payable every year should be affordable and within your budget.

Insurance Coverage

The policy must have a broad scope of coverage. It should cover most of the routine activities that can possibly lead to accidents.

Features & Benefits

The policy should cover bodily injuries, partial/total/temporary/permanent disabilities, and death due to accidents. It should also provide additional benefits like daily cash allowance, compensation for income loss, ambulance charges, etc. The policy should offer worldwide accident coverage.

Death Benefits

A good personal accident policy will pay 100% of the sum insured as death benefits to the family members of the deceased policyholder.

Type of Plan

You can choose either an individual or a family plan based on your situation and needs. Corporates and institutions can choose a group policy to cover their members.

Insurance Company

The track record of the insurer is extremely important. It should have a wide hospital network. The claims settlement ratio should be above 90%. The claims settlement process must be hassle-free. The quality of customer service should be excellent.


Check the list of exclusions carefully to note all the events that the policy will not cover. Avoid plans with a long list of exclusions that do not offer basic coverage.

Cost of Personal Accident Insurance

The premium payable on personal accident insurance depends on various factors. Your age, profession, medical history, and past claims decide the amount of premium payable.
The insurance coverage should be adequate to support your family. It should cover all the medical expenses and compensate you for the loss of income caused by the accident.

Frequently Asked Questions on Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance UAE is helpful for any person who wants to protect himself and his family against financial loss due to accidents. People who work in high-risk occupations should definitely buy this policy.

Yes personal accident policy provides 24×7 coverage all across the world. So it will be beneficial for you to purchase this policy

The exact amount of insurance coverage depends on factors like your age, occupation, lifestyle, and financial commitments. As a general thumb rule, the personal accident cover must be at least 100 times your monthly income. You can discuss with our team of experts to help you choose the right coverage.

A personal accident policy only covers injuries and death caused by accidents. Natural deaths and deaths due to diseases will not be covered by this policy.

Yes. Apart from serious injuries and disabilities, personal injury protection also covers fractures and burns caused by accidents.


Disclaimer: A third-party insurance carrier provides the personal accident insurance coverage mentioned on this website and is subject to the policy’s terms and conditions. This policy’s coverage is limited and has exclusions. Take the time to study this policy thoroughly so you know what is and is not covered.