Comprehensive Car Insurance

A comprehensive car insurance policy offers complete insurance coverage to the policyholder, the vehicle, and the third party who may suffer any loss or damage due to the insured vehicle

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Benefits of Comprehensive Car Insurance

Buying full, comprehensive insurance for your vehicle provides you with a host of benefits:

Complete protection that provides own damage cover, personal accident cover, and third-party liabilities cover

A comprehensive policy provides greater value for money as it is cheaper than buying separate plans

Flexibility to choose multiple add-ons and customize the policy according to your specific requirements.

No-claim bonus can be utilized to avail attractive discounts at the time of renewal of a comp car insurance policy

benefits of car insurance

What are the Comprehensive Car Insurance Inclusions?

Comprehensive car insurance provides extensive coverage and includes the following:

What are the Comprehensive Car Insurance Exclusions?

Note the following exclusions from a comprehensive vehicle insurance plan:

What are the Add-Ons in Comprehensive Car Insurance?

The add-on cover facility enables you to get enhanced protection by paying a slightly higher premium. A list of the top add-ons is given below.

Return to Invoice Cover

This add-on cover helps you to get the full invoice price of the car when it gets stolen or suffers complete damage. However, this only applies to brand new 0 km vehicles, and that too if the accident is within six months after the policy is issued.

Breakdown Assistance Cover

This cover comes to your rescue if you are stranded due to a vehicle breakdown, a flat tire, or an empty fuel tank. Both on-site repair and towing services are covered.

Tire Protection Cover

Any damage to the car’s tires in an accident or otherwise shall be covered by this add-on.

Engine Protection Cover

This add-on covers the expenses of repairs & replacement when the car’s engine suffers any damage.

Difference Between Comprehensive and Third-Party Insurance

When you buy car insurance, you can choose either a comprehensive car insurance policy or a third-party liability insurance plan.

A comparison of comprehensive car insurance plans with third-party insurance is given in the table below.


Insurance Cover


Liability Cover


Provides own-damage car insurance, personal accident cover & third-party liability cover


Covers only third-party claims and no other loss or damage


Not Compulsory (If bank involved where finance of the vehicle is arranged by the bank then mandatory - AUTO LOAN)


Compulsory Under Law

Add-Ons Availability


Add-Ons Availability

Few companies allow Oman extension for additional premium


Higher due to extensive coverage


Lower due to limited coverage

Adequacy of Coverage

Sufficient as it covers most risks

Adequacy of Coverage

Not sufficient as own damage cover is not available

Customization of Policy

Possible due to specific add-ons

Customization of Policy

Not possible

How to Renew Comprehensive Car Insurance?

The comprehensive car insurance policy must be renewed on time to enjoy all the benefits. The renewal procedure is given below.

Step 2

Contact our agents, and they will help you seal a deal that is worthwhile for you.

Step 3

Complete the purchase by making the online payment through the payment link to pay the premium via WhatsApp or email.

How to Claim the Comprehensive Car Insurance?

You can make a claim on your comprehensive vehicle insurance policy by following these steps.
file info

Step 1

Click Contact Us to get our contact details. PIB executives will guide you on the exact procedure

file info

Step 2

For the claims procedure, we do have a staff to assist our customers. Our team stays with the client from the very first step until the very last, all the while answering their questions and addressing any problems that may arise. You need to submit all the required documents such as a police report copy, driving license copy, etc. You must also provide details of the vehicle garage.

Once you submit all the documents, wait for the claim to be processed & approved.

Frequently Asked Questions on Comprehensive Insurance​

A comprehensive insurance policy provides you with complete protection for yourself and your vehicle and against any third-party claims

It is not mandatory to buy a fully comprehensive car insurance policy, but it is always recommended to have one. Only third-party insurance is mandatory.

Comprehensive insurance provides total protection to you and your car. It also covers third-party losses. You can further customize the plan with add-ons. But a third-party insurance plan only covers third-party losses.

A comprehensive insurance policy covers the following:

  • Personal injuries & death
  • Damage to own car due to accidents & natural disasters
  • Loss due to car theft
  • Losses to a third party due to the insured car

The exact premium is calculated based on multiple factors. Contact the PIB secure agent for a comprehensive insurance quote.

Yes. At the time of renewal, opt for comprehensive car insurance by paying an additional premium. But this is subject to the insurance company’s approval.


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