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What is Public Liability (PL) Insurance?

Public liability insurance is also known as third-party liability insurance or general ability insurance. It is a commercial insurance policy that protects your business against claims made by clients or the general public. These claims may arise due to property losses or injuries suffered by third parties due to your business activities.

For Example :

Fire in your office premises can spread to adjacent buildings and damage those properties

A customer who visits your office may fall down the broken staircase and get badly injured

PL Insurance

What is Covered Under Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance covers all the liabilities of the policyholder towards a third party due to the:

So the scope of PL insurance coverage includes the following:

What is Not Covered by Public Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance will not cover the claims in the following situations:

Who Needs General Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance protects your business against third-party claims. You should buy PL insurance if you:

Own or rent a commercial property such as an office, factory, or warehouse

Work in public areas with regular public interaction

Work at the client’s premises OR get frequent client visits at your premises

Get access to the client’s assets and database

Represent your client’s business at any forum

So any business that has some exposure to third parties will need general liability insurance. It covers the legal & financial claims on your business from third parties.

Benefits of Public Liability Insurance

It is not mandatory to buy public liability insurance policy. But it is required to protect your business against legal & financial claims. Here are the benefits of buying.


Damage to Property

The policy covers your business against loss or damage to third-party properties

bodily injury

Bodily Injury

The policy covers any disease or injury to a third party who visits your business premises

personal injury

Personal Injury

The policy covers you for personal risks such as wrongful arrest, slander, libel, and negligence

law suit

Lawsuits & Settlements

The policy will cover all the legal expenses to defend your claim in a court of law

Tenant's Liability

Tenant's Liability

If you have taken the business premises on rent, PL insurance will cover any loss or damage to the rented space


Liability Arising Due to Advertising Rights

The policy covers any IPR violation by your marketing division

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Frequently Asked Questions On Public Liability Insurance

No. PL insurance only covers loss due to third-party claims. Property insurance covers damage to own business.

Public liability insurance is required for every business that has some exposure to people (clients and the general public)

The cost of public liability cover varies from one business to another. It primarily depends on the following:

  • The nature & size of your business
  • Industry dynamics
  • Claims history
  • Specific policy requirements

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