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What is Off-Road Car Insurance

Off-Road Car Insurance is an optional (add-on) insurance cover. It protects your car from any loss or damage due to off-road driving. "Off-road car insurance" and "4x4 Car Insurance" are often used interchangeably.

But there is a minor difference between the two terms. 4x4 insurance cover is designed specifically for cars with four-wheel drive (4WD) capabilities. But off-road cover can be taken for vehicles even if they are not meant for off-road driving.

What is Off-Road Driving?

Off-road driving or off-roading refers to driving your vehicle on natural terrains like mud, sand, snow, gravel, rocks, river beds, etc. People generally take up off-roading for fun or entertainment. But some of them are professionals who earn their primary income from this activity.

Does Car Insurance Cover Off-Road Driving?

A typical car insurance policy covers any loss or damage that is accidental. But it may not cover the damage if the vehicle is used for any adventurous activity. Many insurance companies often categorize adventures under their list of exclusions.

A typical car insurance policy covers any loss or damage that is accidental. But it may not cover the damage if the vehicle is used for any adventurous activity. Many insurance companies often categorize adventures under their list of exclusions.

What is not covered in Off-Road Insurance?

Some of the exclusions from off-road insurance coverage are

Types of Credit Insurance

Some of the common types of trade credit insurance are as follows

Desert Racing

Dune Bashing

Cross-country off-roading

Green Laning

Rock Racing

Rock Crawling

Snowy Trails

Mudding & Mud Plugging

Do I Need Off-Road Car Insurance?

4-wheel drive car insurance is a must if you own a 4x4 vehicle and undertake frequent off-road trips. Check the details of the policy regulations before you insure your car. So buy a 4x4 car insurance if you regularly indulge in off-road driving.

Off-roading is also a risky, adventurous activity. Some of the major risks associated with off-roading are:

Unexpected vehicle breakdown or malfunction

Poor visibility during heavy rains, snow, fog, and in dense forests

Errors in judgment while driving in difficult terrains

motor vehicle insurance

The ideal car insurance for 4x4 vehicles will be a combination of the following:

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Car Insurance Policy

Suitable Add-on Covers

(for enhanced protection)

Car Insurance Add-Ons for Off-Road Driving

You also need to purchase add-on covers to get enhanced protection during off-road driving. Some of the important add-ons are:

Desert Cover : Dune bashing is the most common off-road adventure in UAE. A desert cover protects your vehicle in an off-road desert trip.
Engine Cover : During off-roading, the car’s engine may get damaged due to breakdowns, water inflow, or leakage of oil. This add-on covers the cost of repair or replacement of the engine in such cases.
Tyre Cover : The car’s tires may get punctured or burst during off-road travel. Tyre cover helps you to repair or replace the tires in such situations.
Consumable Cover : Consumable items in the car, such as engine oil, grease, nuts, bolts, screws, etc., may get damaged during off-roading. A consumable cover is useful to pay for their repair or replacement.

Road Assistance Cover : Your car can suddenly break down during off-road driving. This cover pays for services like towing, fuel delivery, onsite repairs, etc.

Note: Off-road insurance aims to protect your vehicle from unforeseen losses but not from deterioration due to normal wear and tear.

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Safety Tips for Off-Road Driving

Off-roading is not just thrilling & exciting. It is risky as the terrain is unknown. The weather can turn hostile at any moment. The following 3 safety tips are important for a safe drive.

Do not expose your hands & feet outside the open car during off-roading. You may end up with severe injuries while driving through narrow spaces

Ensure that your luggage and all the travel equipment are secured tightly during off-roading. The uneven terrain & sharp turns can displace the materials and injure the travelers

Take proper rest and consume healthy food during off-road driving. Keep yourself hydrated if you are in a desert

Ensure that your Dune Bashing is fun & safe by following these rules

No Radio, No Drive

Have a flag and flag pole

Carry a recovery kit

Off-road vehicle insurance is a must

Undertake Due Diligence in Dune Bashing

Fuel – Full Tank

Water – More the merrier

SpareTyre – Perfect condition

Wheel Spanner – Compatible

Coolant – Carry extra

Fire extinguisher

Recovery /Snatch hooks- Front & Rear

First Aid Box

Contents of Recovery Kit you must have

1 . Snatch strap/ kinetic rope

2 . Shackles

3 . Air compressor

4 . Deflator & Pressure Guage

5 . Jumper cable

6 . Suitable jack & jack base compatible as per the vehicle’s height.

Frequently Asked Questions

Off-road driving means driving on surfaces that are made of mud, sand, snow, rock, gravel, and other natural terrains. Off-roading can be a hobby or a profession for some people. Off-road car insurance covers your vehicle from loss or damage suffered during such off-road travels.

If you are an adventure freak and take regular off-road trips, 4×4 off-road insurance is an absolute must. Off-roading is quite risky as the terrain is not conducive, and the vehicle can break down easily.

There are different 4×4 insurance policies to cover different risks. The most important thing to check before you buy off-road insurance is the policy coverage restrictions. The insurance companies impose several restrictions based on the vehicle’s age, model, and usage. You can compare the 4-WD insurance quotes of different companies to get the best coverage.

Off-road accident insurance is available only if off-roading is taken up for leisure & enjoyment. Off-roading in professional events will not be covered by this policy.


Disclaimer : Please read the policy wording documents carefully as they detail the terms and conditions under which your policy will cover your vehicle. Off-road activities and other information provided here were gathered from several sources. There is no promotion or recommendation on this page by Prominent Insurance Brokers. Prior to purchasing the policy, please check with the Prominent Insurance Brokers team.

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