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What is Maternity Insurance?

Maternity Insurance is a type of health insurance policy that covers all medical expenses related to pregnancy. This includes the cost of hospitalization & delivery, medicines, regular health checkups, and diagnostic procedures.
Pregnancy and parenthood can be pretty stressful for young couples. Apart from physical & emotional challenges, they also have to deal with the rising healthcare costs. Pregnancy Insurance provides security for couples planning to have a baby and eases their financial burden.
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Importance of Maternity Insurance in the UAE

Pregnancy is a significant milestone for every woman and her family. But this also entails huge expenses, from early medical checkups to newborn child care. Maternity Insurance in the UAE covers all such costs and reduces the family’s financial hardships.
Further, any complications during pregnancy can impose additional costs. There may be other treatments post-pregnancy to safeguard both the mother and the baby. Maternity insurance provides comprehensive coverage for regular & complicated pregnancies and newborn baby care.

Waiting Period for Maternity Insurance

The typical waiting period for maternity insurance in Dubai is around six months to one year. But some insurance companies have waived this requirement due to market demands and higher competition. Now the policyholders need not wait for longer durations as most comprehensive maternity insurance plans have a waiting period of around 60 days or 2 LMP cycles.

Maternity Insurance Coverage for Already Pregnant Women

It is always recommended that you plan and buy maternity insurance coverage well in advance. The insurance providers may either not accept your policy application or charge significantly higher premiums to provide insurance coverage after pregnancy. It is also essential that you complete the waiting period and meet the pre-existing health conditions to get the benefits of maternity insurance.

Things to Consider for Buying Maternity Insurance

Understanding the following aspects is essential to ensure that you get the best maternity insurance in the UAE.

Sum Insured

The amount of insurance coverage determines how much premium you need to pay. While a lower sum insured costs less, it may not be adequate to cover all pregnancy-related expenses. You may only end up spending money from your pocket. So choose an optimal coverage that meets your needs and fits your budget, standard 10K for normal delivery and 15K for c-section is an adequate option.

Waiting Period

Most maternity health insurance plans have a waiting period that requires you to wait for a specific period to avail of the policy benefits. This period usually ranges between 6-12 months. So it is essential that you plan well and buy maternity insurance before you decide to raise a family.

Premium Payable

Do not compromise on the sum insured and benefits just to reduce the premium. Plan in advance and buy a maternity insurance plan that provides comprehensive protection at a reasonable premium. Compare the features and pricing of different plans before you decide to buy.

Policy Inclusions

Pregnancy insurance coverage must include all the necessary services. This includes delivery expenses (normal, cesarean, and any complications), pre & post-natal care, vaccinations for the babies, medicines, checkups, consultations, and newborn baby care.

Newborn Baby Cover

This additional coverage provides special benefits to your newborn child. This coverage is highly beneficial in cases of premature births and complicated deliveries only for 30 days, it is attached to the mothers policy. It also covers the initial expenses if the child is born with any congenital defects.

Benefits of Maternity Insurance Coverage

Health insurance with maternity coverage in UAE provides the following benefits to the policyholders.

Financial Security

It is expensive to get healthcare services in the UAE. A maternity insurance plan covers all pregnancy-related expenses and alleviates your financial burden.

High-Quality Healthcare

A comprehensive pregnancy insurance plan enables you to access superior medical facilities at some of the best hospitals in the UAE.

Lower Waiting Period

Many health insurance companies have reduced the waiting period for maternity insurance. Now you do not have to wait for long periods to enjoy the benefits.

Newborn Baby Care

This provides extra care & support to the newborn child. It is available for 30-90 days after birth and is very useful in cases of complicated pregnancies.

Joyful Pregnancy

A maternity insurance plan prevents financial hardships and enables the new parents to fully enjoy the bliss of parenting.

What is Covered Under Maternity Insurance in the UAE?

The general inclusions of maternity insurance coverage in the UAE are as follows:

What is Not Covered Under Maternity Insurance in the UAE?

The common exclusions of maternity insurance in the UAE are as follows:

Tips to Choose the Best Pregnancy Insurance in the UAE

A wide variety of plans are available in the market today. Some tips to help you select the best insurance plan for pregnancy are listed below.

Check and compare the features & pricing of different maternity insurance plans that are available.

Be very clear about the premium that you can afford to pay. Do not compromise on the amount of insurance in order to lower the premium.

Have a checklist of all the features & benefits that you expect from maternity plans.

Shortlist a few plans that meet your requirements and fit your budget. Compare them, check the online reviews & ratings, and then select the best among the lot.

You can also contact our team of insurance experts at Prominent Insurance Brokers for any support & assistance in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions on Maternity Insurance UAE

As per the Dubai Health Insurance Law (11) of 2013, it is mandatory to have a health insurance policy in Dubai that offers maternity insurance coverage. It is also mandatory for employers to provide this coverage to their employees.

Yes. Most health insurance providers cover infants for the first 30 days after their birth. A few premium plans have extended this coverage up to 90 days.

Pre-existing conditions are subject to the waiting period stipulation. So existing pregnancies are generally not covered by pregnancy insurance UAE. But a few insurers may accept pregnant applicants in lieu of a higher premium.

Most maternity insurance policies in the UAE have a waiting period of around six months. Further, any pregnancy arising within 40 days of the policy start date will not be accepted. So it is recommended that you purchase maternity insurance at least six months before your pregnancy.

Yes. Maternity insurance is available as an add-on cover along with a regular health insurance plan. But a separate plan can provide comprehensive coverage to meet the end-to-end pregnancy-related expenses.

Disclaimer: The maternity insurance policy or plan may have limitations, exclusions, and other terms & conditions that may affect coverage. It is essential to carefully review the policy wording before making any decision.