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What is Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Worker's compensation insurance is an insurance policy that provides compensation to employees who face injuries or death while working on their jobs. The policy protects employers by covering their legal obligations arising due to workplace accidents.

Workmen's Compensation Insurance also covers occupational illnesses and disability due to workplace injuries. The policy covers blue-collar, white-collar, and offshore workers.
what is worksmens compensation insurance

Who Needs Workers' Compensation?

Workers Compensation is legally payable to employees who suffer any injury, illness, disability, or death due to their work. So workmen’s compensation policy is required in most of the free zones in the UAE. Some of the businesses that need this policy are:

Businesses that are highly labor-intensive such as logistics, transportation, mining, and construction

Businesses that depend on high-quality human capital, like banking, IT, hospitality, and consulting companies

Businesses that engage a huge number of contractual workers

Common Risk Scenarios in Workers' Compensation

The employer is legally liable to pay workers compensation for any injury, illness, or fatalities suffered by the employees at the workplace. Some of the common risk scenarios are:

Injury and disability while operating heavy equipment or machinery

Injury from moving & handling heavy objects

Injury, disability, or death due to employer’s negligence

Accidental slips & falls at the workplace

Constant exposure to toxic chemicals or hazardous conditions

Accidents during work-related travel

Injury, disability, or death caused by co-workers

Muscular disorders due to repetitive motions

Inclusions of Workmen's Compensation Insurance

The Workmen’s Compensation Insurance UAE includes the following aspects:

Exclusions of Workmen's Compensation Insurance

Employers should take note of the following exclusions in the Workmen’s Comp. Insurance:

How Much Does Workmen's Compensation Insurance Cost?

The premium for a workmen’s compensation insurance policy depends on various factors like:

Nature of your business

Number of employees in the business

Salary/wages payable to employees 

Claims history of your business

Size and scale of your business

Location of business activities

Adherence to safety rules & regulations

The premium may cost a few thousand dirhams every year for small businesses. Large businesses carry much bigger risks, and the premiums are priced accordingly. Prominent Insurance Brokers offers you tailor-made insurance policies at highly affordable premiums.

Benefits of Having Workmen's Compensation Insurance

Workmen’s compensation is essential for both the employer and the employees. The significant benefits are as follows:

Legal Claims

The insurance policy protects the employers from the legal claims of the affected employees


WC insurance provides financial security to the injured employees and their family members

Labour laws

The policy helps your business to satisfy the labor laws and related statutory compliances


Workmen compensation policy helps to reduce the costs of workplace accidents


It helps your business to attract & retain the best employees


Confidence & Security

This policy provides a sense of confidence & security to employees engaged in high-risk activities

How to Buy Workmen's Compensation Insurance Online?

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Once you provide all the required details in this form, click on the 'Submit' button.

Step 3

It is our team's responsibility to explain everything about the policy wording and assist you in choosing the best workers' compensation insurance for your needs.

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FAQ's about Worker's Compensation Insurance

Workmen’s compensation insurance policy compensates the employees for injuries & fatalities at the workplace. The policy also protects the employers from the legal & financial claims filed by the affected employees.

Workmen’s Comp. Insurance is required for most of the free zones in UAE. Every business that is labour-intensive needs this policy.

Compare the features, benefits, and premiums of different workmen comp insurance policies. Study the insurer’s track record of operations and claims settlement. Look out for positive reviews & feedback about customer service.


Prominent Insurance Brokers offers the best deal guarantee with an option to customize insurance policies based on your needs.

Yes, the workmen’s compensation insurance coverage extends to contract workers only if they are specifically declared under the policy.