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What is Single-Trip Travel Insurance?

Single-Trip Travel Insurance is a type of insurance policy that protects you against probable financial expenses and losses when you take individual domestic & foreign trips. It is best suited for people who take just one or two trips in a year.

Travel often requires a lot of planning and resources. But adverse events and uncertainties can spoil your plans and lead to huge financial losses. A single-trip insurance cover is designed to compensate you for such losses that arise due to reasons beyond your control.
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Types of Single-Trip Travel Insurance Policies

There are several types of single-trip travel insurance plans to suit the needs of travelers.

Individual Single-Trip Insurance

You can buy this plan if you are traveling alone. It is meant for single travelers above 18 years of age. People who take solo trips can purchase this policy.

Family Single-Trip Insurance

This single-trip policy is designed for people who travel along with their families. It covers two adults (husband & wife) and up to four dependent children. Children above 30 days and below 18 years of age are covered by this policy.

Senior Citizen Single-Trip Insurance

This insurance plan is specially designed for elderly people (aged above 60) who travel. Separate coverage is required for senior citizens due to the higher health risks associated with them.

Domestic Single-Trip Insurance

Travel within the UAE region can be covered by domestic single-trip insurance

International Single-Trip Insurance

The international one-trip travel insurance plan is meant for overseas travelers who travel outside the UAE

Coverage & Benefits of Single-Trip Travel Insurance

A single-trip insurance plan covers and provides two types of benefits. They are medical benefits and travel inconvenience benefits. The details are given below.

Single-Trip Medical Travel Insurance

A single-trip medical travel insurance policy provides the following benefits:

Travel Inconvenience Benefits

Any loss incurred due to the following inconveniences related to travel is also covered under single-trip holiday insurance:

What is not covered Under Single-Trip Travel Insurance?

The general exclusions of single-trip insurance plans are listed below.

Eligibility Requirements for Single-Trip Travel Insurance

The general eligibility criteria for buying single-trip travel insurance are as follows:

Resident & Age

You must be a citizen or a resident of the UAE and aged above 18 years.


Documents related to UAE citizenship or residency, along with the travel tickets, have to be submitted.

Age Limit

The upper age limit to purchase insurance varies across insurance companies. Senior citizens aged between 65-70 years can purchase separate plans.

Things to Know While Buying Single-Trip Travel Insurance

The following tips can help you buy the best single-trip travel insurance policy.

Know Your Requirements

Make a list of all the important travel risk factors that you want to be covered. Then it becomes easy to select a plan that meets your needs. It also helps you avoid plans with unnecessary features.

Compare Different Plans

Although most single-trip insurance plans have similar features & benefits, it is worthwhile to look into the minor & finer points. Check whether the policy offers the right value for your money.

Search for Online Reviews

It is highly beneficial to know what other people have to say about the insurance company, its service, and its offerings. Check the online ratings and select a plan that has a higher average score.

Purchase Insurance Online

Once you select a one trip travel insurance plan, you can immediately buy it online. The biggest advantage of online purchases is the huge savings on premiums due to the special discounts. Contact our team of insurance experts at Prominent Insurance Brokers to get the best deal on single-trip travel insurance.

Buy Early for Maximum Benefits

Buying a single-trip insurance policy early has several benefits. You get attractive discounts, and the insurance coverage starts instantly after your purchase. So buy the insurance along with your flight and hotel reservations.

Claim Process for Single-Trip Travel Insurance

The procedure to file claims for a single-trip travel insurance policy depends upon the type of claim you want to make. Medical insurance claims are generally settled through the cashless route. For other losses such as theft, trip delays & cancellation, etc., you will get reimbursement from the insurer.

Medical claims are settled directly between your hospital and the insurance provider. You just need to fill up and submit the direct claim form at the hospital. Once the hospital receives approval from the insurer, you can proceed with the treatment. Please ensure that you have all the medical reports and hospital bills handy.

You will be reimbursed for all other claims related to the loss of luggage, documents, or trip/flight delays & cancellations. You can submit the claim along with the supporting documents once you get back home from the trip. You can use either online or offline methods for filing claims.

For claims related to accidents, personal liability, or the loss of legal documents, a police report of the incident is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions on Single-Trip Travel Insurance

Yes. There are no restrictions to adding more than one country to your single-trip holiday insurance. You only need to confirm that a particular country does not come in the list of excluded countries.

Yes, Policyholders need to be at least 18 years of age to purchase this plan. Children below 18 years can be included as dependents to your family’s single-trip travel insurance plan.

A regular single trip medical travel insurance policy typically excludes all pre-existing diseases. You need to avail add-on to get coverage for pre-existing health conditions.

Yes. You can cancel and get a refund on your single-trip travel insurance policy anytime before you start the trip. Refunds are not given if you cancel the policy after the trip begins.


Disclaimer: The information contained here is gathered from sources deemed to be reliable & trustworthy. The Single Trip Travel Insurance or plan may have limitations, exclusions, and other terms and conditions that may affect coverage. It is important to carefully review the policy wording before making any decision.