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Professional Indemnity Insurance

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What is Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance?

Professional Indemnity's meaning is quite simple. It is a kind of protection for a business against claims made by clients or any other third party. Professional Indemnity Insurance pays for any loss suffered by a third party on account of your service or advice. The policy also covers the legal costs of defending your claims in a court of law.

PI Insurance

Who Needs Professional Indemnity Insurance?

A professional indemnity cover protects individuals and businesses that render professional advice or services to their clients. A list of the professionals and businesses that need PI Insurance is as follows.


Architects and Designers


Beauty Salons



Financial Advisors

Fitness Trainers/Gyms

Healthcare Professionals/Hospitals

Interior Designers

Legal Professionals

Media Houses




What Professional Indemnity Insurance Covers?

Indemnity Insurance covers your business against claims made in the following situations.

So whenever a claim is made against you, professional indemnity insurance covers the following:

The legal expenses incurred to defend the claim

Loss or damages awarded by the court to the client/third party if your business is held liable for the same

What is Not Covered Under Professional Indemnity?

Professional Indemnity Insurance UAE does not cover the following:

Benefits and Features of Professional Liability Insurance

The salient features and benefits of a professional indemnity insurance policy are given below.

If a customer makes a claim against your business, you may have to shell out the damages and the legal costs. Indemnity insurance covers both - the defense & liability costs of a claim.

Group cover is provided under professional liability insurance for members of one profession. These policies offer attractive discounts on premiums.

Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover protects you from lawsuits even after you close the business within the insured period.

P&I Insurance can be customized to the nature of your business and its services

Professional Indemnity Insurance helps businesses to avoid disruption of their operations during litigations.

A professional indemnity cover provides greater credibility to the business. It also boosts the confidence of your clients & investors.

indemnity insurance protects your brand image and professional reputation in legal disputes.

Factors Affecting the Cost of indemnity insurance

The professional indemnity insurance cost is not uniform. It’s important to note that each insurance company may have different criteria for determining the cost of indemnity insurance and it is impossible to have a fixed premium.

It’s a reinsured product and the rates are defined by the UK and European markets by assessing the risks involved.

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The cost of professional indemnity insurance policies depends on these factors:

Nature of business and its operations

Size of the business and the policy cover required

Risk factors that are specific to the business

Scope of insurance coverage

The geographical location(s) of the business

Retroactive period of the policy

Track record of the professionals

History of claims made by the business

Why Do You Need to Buy Professional Indemnity Insurance With Prominent Insurance Brokers?

PI Insurance with Prominent Insurance Brokers offers you the following benefits:

Comprehensive protection from professional risks and related legal expenses

Best price guarantee with attractive discounts on premium

Best-in-class customer support for claims settlement

5000+ business insurance policies sold and over 6000 claims settled in total

A top player in professional indemnity insurance UAE

How to Buy Professional Indemnity Insurance Online?

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One of our executives will instantly get in touch with you. You will be guided by our team to buy a professional indemnity insurance policy. You can make the payment online.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Indemnity Insurance in UAE

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a type of insurance that covers the following:

(i) The compensation payable to a client toward a claim

(ii) The legal costs incurred while defending such claims


These claims can arise due to deficient service or bad advice that results in a loss to the client.

Every business or professional who directly works with clients should buy PI Insurance. If you provide consultancy services or expert advice to your clients, it is advisable to buy this cover. You can find the detailed list above.

Indemnity Insurance covers the risks arising during the policy period. But a retroactive date is a date before the policy date from which the insurer agrees to cover. Certain risks during the policy tenure may arise due to events in the past. The insurer may agree to cover such risks under a retroactive date clause.

The coverage depends on the nature of your business and the kind of clients you serve. Professional Indemnity coverage cannot be the same for a hospital and a real estate agency. Please register your details on our website to get a quote and know more about the indemnity insurance policy.

The indemnity insurance cost varies between insurers. It also depends on the level of coverage you choose. Prominent Insurance Brokers provide indemnity insurance at a reasonable price. You need to renew the policy every year.


Disclaimer: Companies and individuals who provide services may protect themselves from potential lawsuits by purchasing professional indemnity insurance. Please read the policy carefully to understand the terms and coverage limitations that apply to you, and feel free to contact Prominent Insurance Brokers with any questions or for more information about the coverage choices that best suit your requirements.