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What is a Car Insurance Add-on?

A car insurance add-on is an additional coverage benefit offered to policyholders. It helps them get higher protection than what is typically provided by a basic car insurance policy. A policyholder must pay an extra cost to avail of this additional benefit.

The multiple add-ons in car insurance help vehicle owners to deal with specific issues concerning their vehicles. They are primarily available with comprehensive plans that cover both third-party liabilities and own-vehicle damage.

List of Car Insurance Add-Ons in the UAE

A list of the top car insurance add-ons in the UAE, along with a brief explanation, is provided below:

Roadside Assistance Cover

This add-on cover provides support during the breakdown of your vehicle. It pays for expenses such as onsite repair, towing to the nearest service center, changing flat tires, car lockout, battery jumpstart, fuel delivery, etc.

Zero Depreciation Cover

Insurance companies generally deduct a depreciation charge for the vehicle or its components during claims settlement. A zero depreciation cover ensures that no such charge is deducted while paying claims.

Personal Accident Cover

An unfortunate accident may result in severe bodily injuries, disability, or death of the driver. A personal accident cover pays for the necessary medical expenses and offers compensation for disability and death. This is one of the most popular add-on covers in motor insurance.

Engine Protection Cover

The car’s engine may suffer mechanical or electrical breakdowns due to oil spills and water ingress. The engine protection cover pays for the expenses of replacing the damaged engine and its parts.

Consumables Cover

This covers the expenses of all consumable items required during a car repair. This includes materials such as engine oil, grease, lubricants, washers, nuts, bolts, bearings, etc.

Replacement Vehicle Cover

Road accidents may damage the vehicle, and you will not be able to use it while it is under repair. A replacement cover provides another vehicle for your use during this period.

Rent a Car Cover

Under this cover, the insurer pays for the expenses of renting a car while your own vehicle is under repair following an accident.

Oman Extension Cover

This cover expands the geographical scope of your car insurance policy and extends the coverage of benefits to Oman. However, it only covers own-vehicle damages and not third-party liabilities in Oman.

Natural Calamity Cover

This cover provides protection against loss or damage due to natural disasters such as floods, storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc

Windscreen Protection Cover

Any damage to your car’s windscreen is not covered under regular car insurance. The windscreen add-on insurance for the car pays for the expenses of repairing the side windows, rear-view screen, and the entire screen if they are damaged.

NCB Protection Cover

Insurers deny the no-claim bonus (NCB) benefits if policyholders raise a claim during the year. However, the NCB protection cover helps you retain this benefit even if you file a claim. You can avail of attractive discounts on premiums by retaining NCB benefits.

Off-Road Recovery Cover

Standard car insurance only covers accidents or mishaps on normal roads. Off-road insurance covers the loss or damage when the vehicle is used for off-road experiences such as dune bashing.

Benefits of Add-On Covers in Motor Insurance

A comprehensive car insurance policy covers any loss or damage to your own vehicle and potential third-party claims that may arise due to an accident.

However, many vehicle owners face unique situations and want specific coverage to meet their evolving needs. An add-on car insurance policy helps them handle multiple issues with great ease and avoid financial losses if basic insurance does not cover such expenses.

Add-on covers give additional protection to policyholders at a nominal cost. Insurers offer a wide variety of benefits to the policyholders through multiple add-on covers. These benefits are typically not covered under basic car insurance.

Why Should You Choose Add-Ons in Car Insurance?

Standard car insurance cannot cater to the specific requirements of every policyholder. It offers general coverage, and many of the benefits are often excluded from its purview. Add-ons in car insurance enhance the scope of coverage and meet the unique requirements of policyholders. By paying an additional premium, you get comprehensive coverage and end up saving a lot of money on repairs, replacement, and maintenance of your vehicle.

How to Add Add-Ons to Your Car Insurance Policy?

Add-on insurance for cars provides enhanced protection beyond the standard coverage.

Insurers offer a wide variety of add-on covers to suit the requirements of different car owners. Policyholders can choose to buy any add-on plan based on their specific needs.

Buying an add-on cover does not entail any special procedure. Policyholders can review the list of add-ons available with their insurer and select the relevant ones at the time of purchase or renewal.

You are required to pay an extra premium to enjoy these additional benefits. However, this nominal cost can provide huge savings on repairs and prevent financial hardships.

Note: The policyholders must ensure that they choose suitable add-on covers based on their vehicle types and situations.

Frequently Asked Questions on Car Insurance Add-Ons

Car insurance add-ons offer additional protection that may not be available under basic car insurance. Hence, it’s not mandatory to purchase them. Policyholders can choose any add-on cover based on their requirements.

Yes. Add-on covers are not available for free. The car insurance premium may increase based on the number and type of add-on covers you choose. However, they offer you enhanced protection and peace of mind.

Add-on covers in motor insurance are not available with third-party insurance. You must buy a comprehensive car insurance plan to purchase add-on covers.

No. You may buy as many add-on covers as you wish. However, please mind the increase in premium and ensure that the add-ons are suitable for your needs.

Add-ons in car insurance are not available separately so you can only purchase them when you are buying a new policy or at the time of renewal.