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Electronic Equipment Insurance

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What is Electronic Equipment Insurance?

Electronic equipment insurance is an insurance policy that covers any loss or damage to electronic devices and gadgets.
Businesses depend on computers, laptops, cameras, cash registers, medical devices, and other electronic equipment for their daily operations.
So damage to these devices can result in huge financial losses to any business. So a comprehensive electronic equipment insurance (EEI) policy is required to cover this risk.
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What are the Sections of Electronic Equipment Insurance?

EEI Insurance has three primary sections. They are:
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Material Damage Cover

The material damage cover protects all your electronic equipment from loss or damage. The insurance policy reimburses the cost of repairs and replacement for the damaged equipment. The policy also covers partial losses.

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External Data Media Cover

Data is an invaluable asset to every business today. But the data may be lost or damaged if the storage device is damaged. An electronic equipment cover comes in handy to cover the cost of data recovery and any financial loss.

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Increased Cost of Working Cover

Any damage to a piece of electronic equipment may require the setting up of a substitute device. The policy covers the additional expenses needed for the use of such alternative equipment.

What is Covered Under Electronic Equipment Insurance?

The electronic equipment insurance policy covers the following aspects.

What is not covered under Electronic Equipment Insurance?

Electronic Equipment Insurance has the following exclusions.

What are the Benefits of Using Electronic Equipment Insurance?

Electronic equipment insurance offers the following benefits:

Complete protection against unforeseen events that cause loss or damage to your electronic devices

Provides coverage for the loss or damage to data when the electronic equipment is damaged

Quick repair & replacement of the damaged equipment reduces downtime and mitigates the financial losses

Covers any additional expenses required to set up and operate an alternative unit

Coverage for the equipment parts, accessories, peripherals, and service charges

How to Buy Electronic Equipment Insurance with PIB Secure?

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Frequently Asked Questions On Electronic Equipment Insurance

Any system that operates on power & voltage is electronic equipment. They typically function without making much sound. E.g., TV, computers, phones, cameras, phones, etc

The failure of electronic equipment can be due to high voltage, excess temperature, fire, water, radiation, stress, and mechanical shocks. In semiconductor devices, the failure of the equipment can be due to contamination and short circuits.

The premium for electronic equipment insurance depends on the following factors:

(i) Type of equipment, its age, and value

(ii) Amount of insurance coverage required

(iii) Location of the equipment

(iii) Specific risk factors

The electronic equipment insurance policy is issued for a period of one year. You have to renew the policy every year.


Disclaimer: It is important to carefully review policy documents to understand the terms and conditions that apply to the policy & make sure that it meets your specific needs and requirements.