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What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers the cost of hospitalization and medical treatment. It covers several healthcare services such as surgeries, hospital stays, doctors' consultations,scanning, medical tests and medicines. Health insurance is popularly known as medical insurance.

Medical Insurance protects your entire family against the financial burden imposed by high healthcare costs. The policy pays for all the major medical expenses that you would otherwise pay out of your pocket. The health insurance policy covers everything from routine checkups to complex surgeries.

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Types of Health Insurance in UAE

There are four main types of health insurance in UAE.

Individual Insurance

An individual health insurance plan covers a single person's hospitalization expenses and medical bills. You can cover yourself and any other individual family member by buying individual health insurance.

Family Insurance

Family health insurance in UAE covers your entire family under a single policy. Under this policy, you can cover yourself, your spouse, and your dependent children. You can cover all your family members under one plan by paying a single premium.

Group or Employee Insurance

Health insurance companies in the UAE offer a group insurance policy to cover all the employees of an organization. Employers generally offer these plans as a benefit to their employees. Group health insurance plans are economical and cost less than individual policies.

Senior Citizens Health Insurance

Healthcare Insurance has special plans to meet the healthcare requirements of senior citizens aged above 65 years. Elderly people have higher health concerns and require extra medical attention. Senior citizens' health insurance plans offer this segment comprehensive coverage at affordable premiums.

Why Do I Need Health Insurance?

Buying health insurance in UAE is essential for several reasons:

It is mandatory for everybody to get health insurance coverage in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Health insurance protects your entire family from financial hardships due to expensive & unavoidable medical treatments

Health insurance protects your life’s savings and prevents you from falling into a debt trap

Comprehensive health coverage for the entire family provides financial security and peace of mind

Health insurance plans can cover everything from routine health checkups to advanced surgeries

Most health insurance policies cover pre-existing diseases after a nominal waiting period

Treatment of common lifestyle diseases requires long-term care amid rising expenses

Annual free health checkups help you monitor and keep a close tab on your family’s health

Benefits of Buying Health Insurance

Medical insurance helps you get high-quality medical treatment at an affordable cost. There are several other benefits of buying health insurance.

Health insurance provides financial support in emergency medical situations and saves you from severe financial hardships.

Health insurance covers all the inpatient expenses for treatments and surgeries that require a minimum hospital stay of 24 hours.

Pre-hospitalization expenses such as doctor’s consultations, medicines, and diagnostic procedures are covered.

Post-hospitalization expenses, such as follow-up visits, treatments, etc., are covered for up to 60 days after discharge.

Several daycare procedures for minor surgeries that require less than 24 hours of hospitalization are covered.

Health Insurance Dubai provides coverage for critical illnesses such as cancer, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, etc.

Health insurance companies offer a cashless claim benefit to the policyholders. The medical bills are paid directly by the insurer to the hospital. There are no expenses and paperwork for the policyholders.

Health insurance plans pre-existing cover diseases after a specified waiting period (generally 60 days & more)

The annual free health checkups are beneficial for monitoring and tracking the health of your family members.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost in the UAE?

The cost of health insurance is not uniform. The premium depends on various factors such as:

Policyholder’s Age

Type of Insurance Plan

Amount of Insurance Coverage

Medical History

Past Insurance Claims

But the average health insurance premium in UAE is as follows:

Around AED 4000 – AED 10000 for individual health insurance plans

Around AED 17,000 for family floater plans covering a family of four members

What is Covered Under Health Insurance?

The health insurance in UAE typically covers the following aspects.

The policy coverage, features, and benefits may vary across plans and insurance providers. Please check the same before buying health insurance plans.

What is not covered in Health Insurance?

The general exclusions of health insurance in the UAE are as follows;

Things to Consider Before Buying Health Insurance

Some important factors to consider before you buy health insurance are as follows:

Type of Plan

Make a list of all the risk factors for which you want coverage. Do you want an individual plan, a family floater, or a group insurance policy for your employees?

Features & Benefits

Check the features and benefits of health insurance plans. See whether they match your requirements.

Network Hospitals

Check the hospitals and clinics that are part of the insurer's network. Know what kind of treatment facilities they offer.

Premium Payable

The premium that you pay every year on a health insurance policy must be affordable and not affect your family's budget.

Eligibility Criteria to Buy UAE Health Insurance Plan

The eligibility criteria for Medical insurance Policy may vary across insurance companies and insurance plans. The general criteria are as follows:

Only the residents of the UAE can apply for health insurance.

The minimum age limit to buy individual health insurance is 18 years. But there is no minimum age limit for dependants in a family health insurance plan.

Children must have health coverage from their birth as dependents.

Applicants must provide proof of stable income to show that they can pay the premiums on time.

Only the employees of organizations that are registered in the UAE can be covered under group health insurance.

Tips to Compare the Health Insurance Plans

Comparing several plans helps you buy the best health insurance cover. Some useful tips are given below.

Insurance Coverage: A policy with a lower premium might offer a lower sum insured. It is important to get adequate coverage to avoid the risk of underinsurance. Get health insurance quotes for the same amount from several companies.

Inclusions & Exclusions: Check whether the policy covers pre and post-hospitalization expenses, inpatient and outpatient costs, and daycare procedures

Network Hospitals: The insurer must have a vast network of hospitals to provide you with the benefit of cashless claims.

Claims Settlement Ratio: Choose an insurer with a high claims settlement ratio. And the settlement process must be quick & seamless.

Online Reviews: Check the online reviews to know what the existing customers have to say about the insurance company and the plans

How to File a Health Insurance Claim?

1. Choose a hospital from the insurer's network to get the benefit of cashless claims.

2. Inform the insurer that you want to make a cashless claim.

3. At the hospital, show the medical card to their executives and complete the paperwork. Provide your ID proof and other KYC documents at the admission counter.

4. The hospital sends your papers to the insurer, which checks whether the treatment is covered by your health insurance plan.

5. If the claim is approved, the insurer issues an authorization letter to the hospital. Now you can receive the treatment without paying any cash to the hospital.

6. Any medical expense not covered by your policy has to be paid from your own pocket.

Documents Required for Health Insurance

The list of documents required to buy medical insurance in the UAE is given below:
file info



Emirates ID

How to Buy Health Insurance Online?

 1. Visit the official website of prominent insurance brokers. Enter your details in the health insurance quote form.

2. Once you provide all the required details in this form, click on the ‘Submit’ button.

3. One of our executives will soon get in touch with you. You will be guided by our team to buy the best health insurance plan. You can make the payment online.

You can also click on the Whatsapp icon on this page and chat with our team members. You will be guided step-by-step to buy the policy online.

Why Do You Need to Choose Prominent Insurance Brokers?

Prominent insurance broker offers the following advantages when you buy a health insurance policy:

One of the leading insurance brokers in UAE with a track record of 20+ years in the insurance sector

We offer comprehensive health insurance coverage designed to meet all your requirements

Over 12,000 personal insurance policies were sold, and 6,000+ claims were settled successfully

Huge savings to policyholders due to attractive discounts on premiums and other value-added services

Guidance by a professional team of insurance experts to help you choose the Best health insurance plans.

Speedy settlement of claims facilitated by a dedicated claims management team

Partnerships with the Top Health Insurance companies in UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions about Health Insurance in UAE

Yes. Buying health insurance is a compulsory legal requirement in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Here employers have a legal liability for providing health insurance for their employees.

The right age to buy health insurance essentially depends upon your situation and requirements. But you can enjoy the benefit of lower premiums if you buy it at a younger age.

Yes. You can have two or more health insurance plans to get higher coverage

The average cost of health insurance policy in Dubai is around 4000 to 10000 per year for individual plans and AED 17,000 per year for family floater plans.

The amount of coverage depends on factors like your age, family size, lifestyle, occupation, and medical condition. Discuss with the executives at PIB Secure, who can help you get the right coverage.

The health insurance in the UAE covers most injuries and diseases. Check the policy document to know the scope of coverage and exclusions.

Yes. The UAE government has now made it mandatory for insurers to cover Covid-19 treatment costs. But some policies may not cover the treatment received outside the UAE.

You can cover your entire family under a single policy by purchasing a family floater. This can be much cheaper than buying individual plans for all your family members.

Health insurance riders are additional benefits that help you customize your policy and provide higher coverage. Some of the popular health insurance riders in the UAE are maternity coverage, dental coverage, and geographical extension coverage.

Health insurance companies calculate the premium based on factors like your age, profession, lifestyle habits, medical history, and past claims.

There is no upper limit on the number of claims you can make during the policy tenure. But it is subject to the limit of your annual limit and sub limits.

No. You can also choose hospitals outside the network. But you will not get the benefit of cashless claims. You need to first pay the medical bills and later claim reimbursement from the insurer.

Disclaimer: The health insurance policy or plan may have limitations, exclusions, and other terms and conditions that may affect coverage. It is important to carefully review the policy wording before making any decision.