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What is Erection All Risk Insurance?

The erection all risk insurance is an insurance policy that covers any loss or damage that may occur during the installation of plant, machinery, and equipment in a factory or office premises.

The erection all risk insurance meaning is that it protects the principals and contractors from any physical loss or damage during the erection work in a project. The policy also covers the risk to third-party lives and properties. particularly
Erection All Risk Insurance Explained

Who Needs EAR Insurance?

The erection of all risk insurance or EAR insurance can be taken jointly by the principal and the contractor. It is very beneficial for construction and engineering companies to get this coverage.

Every party that is involved in an erection work project can benefit from this policy:


Main contractors


Equipment manufacturers & suppliers

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Features of Erection All Risk Insurance

The policy offers comprehensive protection against various risks that can arise during the installation and commissioning of plants, machinery, and equipment in projects.

EAR policy coverage extends for the entire duration of the project. The policy can also be issued every year, covering multiple projects.

The policy helps to get quick repairs & replacements for damaged equipment and prevents business interruption.

Add-on covers can be purchased along with the EAR insurance policy to cover specific risks and enhance risk protection.

Some insurance companies also offer technical support and risk management services along with erection insurance.

What is Covered Under Erection All Risk Insurance?

The erection of all risk insurance coverage starts when the first consignment is offloaded at the project site. The cover is available for the entire period until the project is delivered to the principal. It covers the following risks:

What is Not Covered Under Erection All Risk Insurance?

The erection of all risk insurance policies does not cover the following risks:

Add-On Covers Under Erection All Risk Insurance

The following add-on covers are available along with the erection all-risk insurance policy.

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Maintenance Period Risks Cover

This cover protects you against any loss or damage during the project maintenance period if the cause has originated during the insurance period

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Third-Party Liability Cover (if not included in the primary policy)

This covers the legal claims arising due to the injury/death of any third-party, or damage to third-party property

When a single insurance policy covers multiple parties, a cross-liability cover protects both parties if one makes a claim against another.

This covers the loss or damage to goods that are transported by air. Some policies also cover shipment delays.

This covers the cost of cleaning up the damage to the property if such damage is caused due to the insured peril.

This insurance covers the additional expenses (wages) incurred for working overtime, during nighttime, or on public holidays.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Erection All Risk Insurance

Large construction and engineering companies take up mega projects where the risk of loss or damage is very high. EAR insurance covers the risks involved in the installation, testing, and commissioning of the plant, machinery, and heavy equipment.

Both employers & contractors can apply for EAR policy coverage either individually or in joint names. Other parties involved in the project, like the sub-contractors and equipment suppliers, can also buy the policy.

The premium for erection insurance depends on several factors such as the (i) type of asset, (ii) value of the asset, (iii) sum insured, (iv) project location & duration, (v) specific risk factors.

The specific time limit to submit the claims will be mentioned by the insurer in the policy documents. It is advisable to submit the claims immediately after the event has occurred. This helps the insurer to speed up the claims settlement process.


Disclaimer: It is important to carefully review policy documents to understand the terms and conditions that apply to the policy & make sure that it meets your specific needs and requirements.