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What is Kids Health Insurance and Why is it Important?

Health Insurance for Children is a type of insurance policy that is specifically designed to cover your child's healthcare needs. Children require extra care during their initial years as their immune system is fragile and under development.
Young children also have specific special needs that are quite different from adults. Frequent visits to a pediatrician are necessary for regular medical checkups and vaccinations. All these aspects make it extremely important to get separate medical insurance for kids.
Health Insurance cover for Kids

Why You Need to Invest in Medical Insurance for Kids?

The key reasons why you must invest in kid's health insurance are listed below:

Higher Health Risk

Children are more vulnerable to changes in the external environment. Sudden changes in weather can have an adverse impact on their health. They can easily catch infections from other children at school and during playtime. Dust, pollution, and unhygienic food can cause breathing disorders, skin allergies, and stomach ailments. Health insurance for kids provides coverage for such frequent medical expenses.

Weak Immune System

Young children do not have a robust immune system until their adolescent years when it gets fully developed. So they are more prone to sickness & infections when compared to adults. Lack of Maturity: Kids have a higher chance of suffering injuries due to accidents. While their activities are fast & intense, they often lack the maturity to sense dangers.

Preventive Measure

Health insurance for a dependent child acts as an effective preventive measure against unforeseen events. This insurance policy gives financial security to the parents to cover any medical emergency.

What are the Types of Children's Health Insurance?

Children's Health Insurance UAE is of two major types, as given below:

Eligibility for Children's Health Insurance in the UAE

Children's health insurance is available for every child in the UAE immediately after birth. The parents have the option to include their children in their group or family medical insurance plans even before they are born.
If children are included as dependents in their parent's group health insurance plans, they get coverage until they attain 18 years of age. But they can continue as dependents for up to 26 years under their parent's personal health insurance plans.
A few insurance companies also provide individual health insurance for children. The eligibility criteria may vary on the basis of age for every company.

What has Covered Under Children's Health Insurance UAE?

The general inclusions of child-only health insurance plans are listed below:

If children are covered as dependents in a family floater plan, they shall be eligible to receive all the essential benefits provided under the plan.

Rules for Individual Health Insurance for Children in the UAE

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other parts of the UAE have set specific basic guidelines to provide health insurance for children. The details are as follows:


According to the health insurance laws in Dubai, employers provide health insurance coverage only to their employees and not their dependent family members. But it is the responsibility of the sponsors to offer health insurance to their dependents.

Abu Dhabi

The employers and sponsors must provide at least a basic health insurance plan for the dependent family members. The employees can add one spouse and up to three children below 18 years of age as dependents in the group health insurance plan.

Rest of UAE

All other parts of the UAE do not have any mandatory health insurance laws to cover the employees or their dependent family members.

Things to Consider While Buying Health Insurance for Kids

There are several important factors to consider while buying medical insurance for kids:

Sum Insured

The total sum insured of the health insurance plan must be sufficient to take care of all your child’s medical requirements. The same thing is applicable to the various sub-limits in the plan.

Scope of Coverage

If you plan to include your child as a dependent in a family floater plan, please ensure that it covers the specific needs of children. For e.g., the family health insurance plan must cover the pediatrician’s fees, the cost of vaccination, etc. Otherwise, you need to buy a separate add-on cover.

Emergency Care

Child health insurance plans must necessarily provide for all the emergency medical needs of children


Children can be added as dependents in your family health insurance policy even before they are born. The coverage should begin right after their birth without any waiting period.

Hospital Network

The insurance provider should have a strong network of hospitals with specialized childcare facilities for young children

You must compare the features, benefits, and pricing of different plans before you buy health insurance for your kids.

How to Get Health Insurance for My Child?

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Frequently Asked Questions on Kids Health Insurance

Yes. You can cover your children as dependents in your family health insurance plan. Most health insurance plans offered by employers in the UAE have the option to cover up to three children. The coverage starts immediately after the birth of a child.

Parents can keep their children included in their family health insurance plans in the UAE until they attain the age of 26 years.

Yes. There are some insurance providers who offer child-only health insurance policies. These plans are exclusively designed for children and cater to their specific requirements.

Individual health insurance for children provides extensive coverage with numerous benefits for your child’s medical treatment. The entire sum insured is available only for the child’s medical expenses and not shared among other family members. This is beneficial for children who are weak and vulnerable to diseases and injuries.

Health insurance for kids can be bought either as a standalone policy or as part of a family health insurance plan. Child-only health insurance plans are exclusively designed for children. But kids can also be included as dependants in a family health insurance plan which covers the entire family.

Yes. Health insurance for kids covers the cost of vaccination and preventive healthcare. You can also purchase an add-on cover for the same.

Disclaimer: The children’s health insurance policy or plan may have limitations, exclusions, and other terms & conditions that may affect coverage. It is essential to carefully review the policy wording before making any decision.