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What is a Student Travel Insurance Plan?

Student Travel Insurance is a type of insurance policy meant for students who go abroad for higher studies. The policy covers several risks that students may face during the course of their studies in any foreign country.

A student insurance policy is a combination of several general insurance plans that primarily include travel insurance & health insurance. They are specifically designed to address the problems that can disrupt a student's education abroad. The policy generally has a tenure of 1-2 years.
Student Travel Insurance

Is Student Travel Insurance Mandatory?

International Student Travel Insurance is not mandatory. It entirely depends on the country and the university you choose for your education. But there are many countries and universities that make it compulsory for students to get travel insurance.

Why Do Students Need Travel Insurance?

There are several reasons why students need to get travel insurance when they decide to study abroad.

Coverage for Health Emergencies

An unexpected medical emergency can cause serious problems if you do not have instant access to good quality healthcare facilities. Shortage of funds can prevent you from getting the right medical treatment in a foreign land. Student travel medical insurance covers major health risks such as diseases, injuries, and emergency evacuations.

Coverage for Study Disruptions

Studying abroad is an expensive affair for most students and their families. Disruptions such as long-term illness or a personal emergency in the family can cause severe financial hardships to students. A student travel insurance plan can compensate for such losses.

Compulsory Requirement

Many universities have made it mandatory for foreign students to have travel insurance. They accept the students and confirm their admission only after they get a student travel insurance policy.

Coverage for Sponsorship

Foreign education is typically sponsored by many students. Sponsorship may also be compulsory in certain situations. But if the sponsor is not able to provide for the students due to any reason, student travel insurance will come to their rescue.

Coverage for Family Visits

A student may need prolonged hospitalization and care due to serious injuries or ailments. A student travel insurance policy covers the travel expenses for one family member if he/she is hospitalized for a week or more.

Eligibility Criteria for Student Travel Insurance

The basic eligibility criteria to get travel insurance for students studying abroad are listed below

Students must be residents or citizens of the UAE with the necessary legal documents to support the same.

Any student aged between 16 to 35 years can apply for student travel insurance. The upper age limit can vary a bit across different insurance providers.

Insurance companies require the students to provide acceptance or offer letters issued by the universities as proof of admission

What is Covered Under Student Travel Insurance?

The general inclusions of a student travel insurance online policy are as follows:

What is not covered in Student Travel Insurance?

The general exclusions of international student travel insurance are as follows.

Things to Consider While Buying Student Travel Insurance

The following aspects are important to get the best travel insurance for students studying abroad.
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Compulsory Requirement

Check whether the university has made it mandatory for foreign students to obtain travel insurance. They may also specify a minimum insurance coverage in such situations. Many universities have tie-ups with insurance providers to offer the best deals for students.

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Specific Insurance Covers

The university may classify certain risks for mandatory coverage. This list primarily includes sports injuries, and certain psychological disorders.

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Add-on Covers

If the basic student travel insurance plan does not provide pregnancy & maternity benefits, you will need a separate add-on to cover such risks.

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Apply for Waiver of Premiums

If the student's travel insurance is mandatory, the premium may be included in the annual fees charged by the university. You can apply for a waiver or reimbursement of this expense.

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Early Return Terms

The student may finish the course early or may drop out due to unforeseen reasons. So check whether the insurer allows you to terminate the policy before its term if you happen to return early. The study interruption benefit is important and should be covered by every student's insurance policy.

Extension for Your Student Travel Insurance

There are several factors that can disrupt and delay your study plans. So it is essential to have insurance coverage until you finish your course. But you must fulfill these criteria to get an extension on your study abroad travel insurance.

The reason for the extension is beyond your control. E.g., postponement of exams due to the Covid-19 pandemic

The premium for extending the policy should be paid in advance

The existing student travel insurance policy is still in force and has not expired

The total policy term, including the extension, does not exceed two years

The existing policy should not have any claims that are active or closed previously

A complete and correct declaration should be made with regard to any pre-existing disease

How Can I File a Claim for Student Travel Insurance?

You can follow these simple steps to file a claim for student travel insurance online.
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Step 1

Immediately register a police complaint if the situation warrants legal attention. E.g., theft of money, accidental injury

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Step 2

Check whether the claim to be filed is direct or for reimbursement. Medical expenses are often settled as direct claims by the insurer. But you will have to claim reimbursement for other losses that are related to trip inconveniences, such as flight cancellations, baggage loss, etc.

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Step 3

Inform the insurance company about the situation. The insurer will provide all the details about filing the claim. We have a team of insurance experts at Prominent Insurance Brokers to help you with the claims procedure.

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Step 4

Fill up the claim form with all the required information. Attach the supporting documents and submit them to the claims department.

Frequently Asked Questions About Student Travel Insurance

Students going abroad for education are exposed to various risks, such as medical emergencies, study interruption, and trip delays & cancellations. A student travel insurance plan protects you from financial hardships due to such adverse situations.

Yes. Regular sports injuries will be covered under student travel insurance. But adventure sports and related injuries will not be covered unless you have a specific add-on cover for the same.

An international student travel insurance plan is generally valid for a period of 1-2 years. This also includes any possible extensions that you are eligible to apply for. The insurance coverage begins the moment you embark on your foreign travel.

Yes. Most insurance companies will cancel the policy and offer you a refund if the student travel policy is rejected by the university. But please confirm the same with the insurer.

Yes. The study interruption benefit cover will compensate for the tuition fee payable again for the same semester. But this will be subject to the sum assured limit or the sub-limit specified in the student travel insurance online plan.


Disclaimer: The Student Travel Insurance or plan may have limitations, exclusions, and other terms and conditions that may affect coverage. It is important to carefully review the policy wording before making any decision. The information contained in this article is gathered from sources deemed to be reliable & trustworthy.