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Importance of Car Registration Renewal in Dubai

Registering your vehicle with the government amounts to getting a legal permit to drive your car on the road. During the registration process, the government collects vital information about the vehicle, such as the brand, model, and details about the owner. This makes it convenient for the authorities to keep track of all vehicles, enforce laws, and collect taxes for the upkeep of road infrastructure in the country.

Car registration renewal in Dubai is required every year. This ensures that the government has the most updated information about the vehicle and its owner. Failure to renew the vehicle registration on time may attract stiff fines & penalties for the owner. Hence, it’s important to renew the registration every year before it expires.

How to Apply for Online Car Registration Renewal in Dubai?

It is simple to renew the car registration online if you follow the steps mentioned below:

Visit the official website of the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). Sign in to your account with your login credentials.

Select the option ‘Renew Vehicle Registration’ in the menu.

Search for the ‘Access to Your Profile’ section and select the ‘Click Here’ option. You will then be taken to the ‘My RTA e-Services’ account, which is your dashboard.

Search for the ‘Access to Your Profile’ section and select the ‘Click Here’ option. You will then be taken to the ‘My RTA e-Services’ account, which is your dashboard.

Select the option ‘Click to view and renew your vehicles’ on your dashboard.

A new tab opens. Kindly scroll down to locate your car model or plate number.

Now choose the ‘Vehicle Registration Renewal’. Then click on ‘Apply for this Service ’ and accept the website’s terms & conditions.

Scroll down to find the ‘Proceed to Delivery Method’ section.

Now select the relevant collection point from the dropdown menu. Choose a convenient date and also provide your contact details.

Click on ‘Confirm and Proceed to Payment.’ A new tab opens that displays information related to fees. Now click on the ‘Customer eWallet Payment Option’ to make the payment.

An e-receipt is generated by the website confirming that the fee payment is successful.

Documents Required for Car Registration Renewal

The following documents are required for vehicle registration renewal in Dubai:

Emirates ID

Car registration card (Mulkiya)

Road safety certificate issued by the RTA

Proof of car insurance with a validity of at least six months

Key Conditions to Renew Car Registration

The following conditions are essential in order to ensure a smooth and hassle-free registration renewal process for your vehicle.

You must be a citizen or resident of the UAE to be eligible for vehicle registration renewal online.

The vehicle must be tested at an authorized service center such as Wasel, Shameel, and Tasjeel. Please note that all vehicles that are under three years of age are exempted from testing.

The car insurance policy should be valid for at least 12 months.

Any outstanding fine or penalty has to be cleared before applying for online car registration renewal in Dubai. The payment can be made through the RTA Dubai or any other approved app.

The car ownership has to be renewed upon expiry before initiating the online registration process.

How Much Does It Cost to Renew Car Registration?

It costs around AED 350 to renew the car registration online in Dubai. The renewal is valid for a period of one year. An extra fee of AED 50 has to be paid if the registration has expired more than a year ago.

Please note that the aforementioned fees are subject to change at any time. Kindly visit the official website of the RTA for further details.

Benefits of Car Registration Renewal

Vehicle Registration Renewal Dubai provides you with the following benefits:

The government maintains an updated record of all vehicles on the road through their registration and subsequent renewals. This measure helps to enforce suitable laws and prevent or minimize road accidents and mishaps in the country.

Mandatory vehicle registration renewal ensures that all cars are protected by insurance coverage at all times.

The mandatory testing of vehicles prior to their registration renewal ensures proper maintenance and enhances road safety for all people.

Frequently Asked Questions on Car Registration Renewal

Car registration should be valid and up-to-date at all times to avoid legal hassles. So, it is advisable to renew it before expiry every year.

Car Registration Renewal Dubai has a grace period of 30 days after expiry. Owners can renew their vehicle’s registration during this period without paying any fine or penalty.

Yes, You can personally visit the nearest department office of the RTA and renew your car’s registration. However, it is simple and convenient to renew the car registration online.

Yes. You need a valid car insurance policy before applying for renewal of registration. Please renew the car insurance if it has expired.

A comprehensive vehicle inspection done at an authorized center ensures that your vehicle meets the prescribed safety norms for driving on the roads of Dubai. It is necessary if your car is more than three years old.