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What is Mulkiya?

The meaning of ‘Mulkiya’ in the UAE should be known to every vehicle owner. It is an Arabic term for vehicle registration. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in the UAE issues a registration card, and vehicle owners must obtain this card.

The Mulkiya is a legal document that certifies that the vehicle is officially registered in your name in the government’s records.

What Does the RTA Mulkiya Renewal Mean?

The Mulkiya or the vehicle registration card is valid for one year. The date of expiry of registration will be mentioned on the card. The RTA Mulkiya Renewal refers to renewing the registration every year before its expiry.

A physical inspection of the vehicle every year before the renewal of registration ensures that it is ‘roadworthy.’ This helps to reduce the risk of accidents and enhances road safety for all drivers.

Car owners who drive without a valid registration face hefty fines and other punitive measures by the RTA. Renewing the vehicle registration every year ensures that it is legally registered and demonstrates responsible behavior on the part of citizens/residents of the UAE.

Ways to Do the Car Mulkiya Renewal in the UAE

There are two ways of renewing your car’s Mulkiya. You can either choose the online mode or physically visit an authorized center.

1)  Mulkiya Renewal Online

Visit the official website of the RTA or download the RTA app on your smartphone.

Sign in to your account using the passport number or the Emirates ID. Use the ‘Create Account’ option to open a new account if you don’t have one.

Once you log in to your account, click on the ‘Vehicle Registration’ option. Then enter your car’s registration number and its expiry date. These details are available on the Mulkiya card.

Submit the necessary documents and provide your contact details. Make the online payment for renewal fees using your debit card, credit card, or net banking.

The new Mulkiya shall be generated online. You can download and print the same. The new card shall be sent to your address within 3 to 5 working days.

2) Mulkiya Renewal Offline

Please visit the local RTA office in person to apply for the Mulkiya UAE renewal.

Provide all the requisite details related to your vehicle, such as the model, license plate number, registration date, etc, to the concerned officials. 

The Mulkiya renewal fee of AED 350 has to be paid at the counter.

Submit all the necessary documents required for the Mulkiya renewal. You also need to provide your contact details.

Please obtain a receipt after paying the registration fees and submitting the documents. The new card shall be sent to your address within 3 to 5 working days.

Requirements for the Mulkiya Renewal Process

The following documents are essential for the RTA Mulkiya renewal in the UAE:

Emirates ID

A valid residence visa

Old Mulkiya or registration card

A valid driving license

file info

Apart from these documents, you need to fulfill certain requirements for the Mulkiya renewal. The details are as follows:

A valid car insurance policy is necessary for the renewal of registration. Please purchase car insurance if you do not have it or if the existing policy has expired.

Prepare your car to pass the mandatory RTA tests. Wash the vehicle thoroughly and check the tires. Cars older than three years have to be taken to the RTA-authorized centers for testing before applying for the Mulkiya renewal.

All the outstanding traffic fines have to be paid in full before applying for the renewal of your car’s registration. Further, check if you have any black points and pay the required penalty if you have any.

How to Check the Mulkiya Online?

Several government entities in the UAE offer the facility of checking Mulkiya online. After checking the status, car owners can renew their registration using their websites or apps. The details are as follows:

1) Road and Transport Authority (RTA)

Visit the official website of the RTA or download the Dubai Drive app on your mobile phone

Select the ‘Check Vehicle Expiry’ option and enter the vehicle license plate number

Please contact the RTA call center at 8009090 if you need any support


The TAMM offers several services related to the Abu Dhabi government. Please visit the official TAMM portal and create an account to check or renew the Mulkiya. The process is similar to that of the RTA website.

3) The Ministry of Interior (MOI) UAE

The MOI portal offers several services for all the citizens/residents of the UAE. Please visit the official MOI website and create an account with your Emirates ID. Then, provide the required details under ‘e-Services’ to check your Mulkiya status.

4) Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)

The EVG is another option for car owners to check their Mulkiya status online. To do so, please visit their official website and create an account using your Emirates ID. Then click on the ‘Issuance of New Registration Card’ option to check your current Mulkiya status.

Mulkiya Renewal Timeline and Penalties

Vehicle owners should not wait till the last minute for the Mulkiya renewal. It is recommended that they complete the renewal process at least 30 days before the registration expires. This ensures that all the necessary paperwork is completed on time without any hassle. The RTA imposes a late fee for car owners who do not renew the Mulkiya before its expiry. You need to pay a penalty of AED 200 for the first month after expiry and AED 100 for every month of delay subsequently. If you are caught driving without a valid Mulkiya, you will be charged with a hefty fine of AED 500. Staying up to date with your Mulkiya registration helps you avoid these penalties and other legal issues.

Frequently Asked Questions on Mulkiya Renewal in the UAE

Car registration is valid for one year in the UAE. However, the RTA offers a grace period of one month to vehicle owners to renew their registration. There shall be no fines or penalties during the grace period.

It is a legal offense to drive a car in the UAE without a valid registration. The authorities can impose a fine of AED 500 and impound the vehicle if you are caught driving after the Mulkiya expires.

No. Car owners have to settle all their outstanding fines and penalties before they apply for a Mulkiya renewal. This rule ensures better adherence to traffic rules and enhanced road safety for all drivers in the UAE.

Foreign nationals need a valid residence visa to renew their vehicle registration. It is not possible to renew the vehicle registration if the visa has expired.