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New drivers in Dubai find it particularly challenging to navigate the huge roads buzzing with thousands of vehicles at top speed. The major roads are chock-a-block during peak hours and test the patience of experienced drivers, too. Some drivers may inadvertently exceed the speed limits or enter the wrong lane in this melee.

Dubai has some of the most stringent traffic rules in the world. The traffic authorities are very strict and spare none who violate the guidelines. A minor instance of a traffic violation can lead to hefty fines and penalties on drivers. It’s better to be equipped with the necessary information for safe and hassle-free driving on the roads of Dubai with minimal transgressions. Know how to check traffic fines in Dubai with this ready-made guide.

How to Check Traffic Fines in Dubai Online?

The drivers can know their traffic fines by following a simple step-by-step procedure. Subsequently, the payment can be made online, too. The procedure to check vehicle fines in Dubai is as follows:

Step 1

Please visit the website of the Dubai Traffic Police

Step 2

Go to the ‘Traffic Fines Payment’ page

Step 3

Any of the following details are required to proceed further:
(i) Vehicle number plate
(ii) T.C. number
(iii) License number
(iv) Traffic ticket details

Step 4

Please enter the requisite details correctly, along with the captcha code. Then click on the ‘Search’ button

Step 5

The details of your violation, traffic fines, and the amount payable are then displayed on the page

Step 6

Make the payment online using a debit card, credit card, or net banking facilities

Step 7

An online payment receipt is generated upon successful payment

Note: Regular traffic fines must be paid online. However, black points are generated for serious offences, and you must physically visit the nearest police station to pay the prescribed penalties.

List of Dubai Traffic Fines 2024

The Dubai police authorities strictly enforce the traffic rules. The complete list of Dubai traffic fines is given below:

Traffic Violation

Code Number

Fine Amount

Dangerous driving


1,000 AED

Evading a police officer


800 AED

Accident resulting in death


The amount is decided by the Judge

Causing damage to other vehicles


The amount is decided by the Judge

Parking the vehicles in a ‘No Parking’ zone


1,000 AED

Driving without wearing a seat belt


400 AED

Allowing children under 10 years of age to drive in the front seat


400 AED

Failure to pull over for emergency vehicles


500 AED

Failure to cede way to pedestrians


500 AED

Failure to follow traffic signs


500 AED

Driving with a license issued by a foreign country (if not allowed)


400 AED

Parking illegally on the road shoulder (non-emergency)


200 AED

Broken signal lights


200 AED

No license plates


1000 AED

Types of Traffic Violations and Their Fines in Dubai

Some of the traffic violations are considered to be major offences in Dubai and attract heavy penalties. The drivers who commit these offences are given black points by the traffic authorities. The driving license can be cancelled if a driver exceeds a prescribed number of black points.

Causing death in a road accident

This is a very serious offence that can land a driver in deep trouble. The fine is heavy, and the driver gains 23 black points that stay on record permanently. Further, the police may seize your vehicle for about 60 days.

Overspeeding or exceeding the speed limit

The traffic authorities in Dubai impose steep fines for overspeeding. The primary traffic fine for exceeding the prescribed speed limit is AED 3,000. Moreover, the driver earns about 23 black points. The car can be seized by the police for 30 days.

Driving under the influence of alcohol

Drunken driving is considered to be a serious offence throughout the Emirates region. Though the amount of the fine is decided by the court, the police may seize the vehicle for up to 60 days. Further, the driver who is involved in an accident under the influence of alcohol shall not be eligible to file insurance claims.

Evading police to avoid paying traffic fines

Trying to avoid traffic cops who want to catch you for violation of traffic rules can be quite risky. Light vehicles attract fines of up to 800 AED, and they may be seized by the police for up to 30 days. For vehicles, the amount of fine is over 1,000 AED.

Jumping the signal

Breaking the red light can prove to be very costly, especially for drivers of heavy vehicles. They are charged with fines amounting to about AED 3,000. They are also required to surrender their licenses for one year. Light vehicle users shall have to pay a fine of AED 1,000. They also get 12 black points with a vehicle retention of 30 days.

Driving without valid vehicle registration

If you do not possess a valid vehicle registration/license, you shall be charged with a fine of AED 500 and also get four black points. The vehicle is retained for about 17 days.

Running away from the accident site

The driver cannot simply hit any person/vehicle and flee from the place. They have to stop and attend to the situation. Otherwise, the fine is AED 500 for light vehicles and AED 1,000 for heavy vehicles.

Using the vehicle for other than intended purposes

A personal vehicle cannot be used for public transportation. Doing so can attract a fine of AED 3,000 with 24 black points to the driver’s record.

Dubai Police Fine Enquiry Details

The following details are useful for people to know the details of their traffic fines and resolve other related queries.

Address : P.O. Box Number 1493, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Working Hours: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm (Monday to Friday)

Dubai Police Helpline Number : 901

Road & Transport Authority (RTA) Helpline Number : 800 90 90

Frequently Asked Questions on Dubai Traffic Fines

It is the legal responsibility of citizens and residents to pay traffic fines in Dubai. Avoiding the payment can result in serious consequences such as enhanced penalties, license cancellation, confiscation of vehicles, and other legal actions against the driver.

n case of any dispute regarding the payment of traffic fines, you have to visit the head office of the General Directorate of Traffic at Al-Barsha in person and file a complaint with the authorities. You can also call +971-4-606-3555 and file a complaint by submitting the requisite proof.

Errant drivers in Dubai are punished with black points for every traffic violation. Serious offences attract higher black points. The driving license gets revoked if you earn 24 black points. Further, you may not be allowed to drive any vehicle for a year. Hence, drivers need to stay on guard and avoid accumulating black points.

Yes. Drivers get a time limit of 30 days from the date of issuance of challan to pay the traffic fine. However, it is recommended that you pay the fine at the earliest and avoid legal hassles.