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Roads and Transport Authority Dubai: A Detailed Overview

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Roads and Transport Authorities in the UAE

The RTA, or the Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai is the government agency responsible for all services related to roads, traffic, and transportation in Dubai City. While this agency also functions in Sharjah, other bodies provide the same services in other parts of the UAE.

The RTA Dubai was started in the year 2005. The entity also invests in public infrastructure and developmental projects besides its regulatory functions.

Functions of the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai

The UAE government accords the highest priority to ensure safe and smooth travel for motor vehicle drivers. The primary functions of the Roads and Transport Authority, UAE are as follows:

Conducting driving tests for applicants seeking driving permits

Issuance of temporary, regular, and international driving licenses

Transfer of driving license from one Emirate to another

Conversion of a foreign driver’s license to a domestic one

Registration of vehicles and transfer of ownership

Registration and issuance of license plates

Framing policies and regulations for public transportation

Maintenance of parking spaces, road safety, and ensuring proper flow of traffic across the city

Managing inter-city travel between Dubai and other Emirates

Management of the Dubai Metro and Tram systems

Regulation of marine transport services such as the Dubai ferry, the water bus, and the water taxi

How to Register the Vehicle at RTA Dubai?

New vehicle registration is usually done by the dealer at the time of sale. However, owners can also register their vehicles by following these steps:

Please visit any of the RTA-authorized centers or Happiness Centers in Dubai.

Submit the requisite documents in the appropriate section.

After submitting the application and documents, you will be provided with the registration card, the new number plate, and the expiration sticker.

Users can also access the self-service machines installed across Dubai for registering their vehicles.

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The following documents are essential for new vehicle registration:

Emirates ID and Residence Visa

Vehicle sale agreement

Vehicle insurance policy (with a validity of at least six months)

Traffic File

Vehicle customs card

Test certificates (for imported vehicles)

GCC specification certificate

How to Renew the Vehicle Registration at RTA Dubai?

The step-by-step procedure to renew your vehicle registration at the RTA in Dubai is as follows:

Visit the official website of RTA Dubai or download the application on your phone.

Click on the menu titled ‘Renew Vehicle Registration.’

Scroll down the page and click on the ‘Start Vehicle Renewal Process’ button.

Enter the details of your vehicle on the next page. Submit all the documents in the next section.

Make the online payment for renewal fees.

A soft copy of the new registration documents shall be sent to your registered mail ID. Physical copies of the same will be delivered to your residential address in due course of time.

How to Get License Plate Number from RTA Dubai?

The registration and allotment of license plates for vehicles are done by the Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai. Similar to the new vehicle registration process, the initial registration for license plates is done by dealers themselves. However, vehicle owners who are desirous of getting a specific number of their choice can get the same through RTA allotments or auctions. Subsequently, such special license plates have to be registered with the RTA. This 'special' registration has a validity of a few years only and owners have to renew it upon expiry.

RTA Dubai Address and Contact Details

The address and contact details of RTA Dubai is as follows:

RTA Headquarters

Al Garhoud, Street 5, Marrakech Street, Next to Emirates Metro Station, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

National Phone Number: +971 4 284 4444

Oversees Caller Number: +971 4 605 1414

FAX Number: +971 4 206 5555

PO Box Number: 118899

How to Check the Dubai RTA Fine?

The procedure to check and pay the fines at the RTA Dubai is as follows:

Visit the official website of RTA Dubai. Select the ‘Pay Fines’ option on the left side.

Click on the ‘Start’ button to initiate the process.

Provide all the required details, such as your license number, traffic file number, license plate number, category & code, and the fine challan number.

Proceed toward the payment option with the above details and make the payment online.

How to Apply for a Driving License at RTA Dubai?

The Roads and Transport Authority, UAE, is the government agency authorized to issue a driving license in Dubai. The procedure to obtain a new driving license is as follows:

Enroll yourself in a driving school in Dubai approved by the RTA

The application for your driving license is sent to the RTA on your behalf by the same driving school

Clear the internal assessment exams conducted by the RTA. Then, you can book a date to take the final examination

The driving license shall be issued by the RTA in Dubai after you pass the final examination

Frequently Asked Questions on RTA in Dubai

You can reappear for the exam if you do not clear it. The appointment for the same can be taken after three days.

Yes. It is possible to register your vehicle without having a driving license if you hold a Dubai residence visa.

The RTA in Dubai provides you with assistance to transfer your vehicle from Dubai to any other Emirate. You must deregister your vehicle from Dubai RTA and select their export services. The vehicle can be registered again in the other Emirate after its arrival there.

The UAE residents are allowed to register only motorcycles and light vehicles. The citizens can register motorcycles, light vehicles, and light buses if their respective families have at least ten members, and they can provide valid proof of the same.