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Before introducing the UAE government’s digital services under the Smart City initiative, the residents of Dubai were forced to visit a government office in person to get their jobs done. It was quite a hassle for working professionals to make innumerable visits during the busy weekdays. The tedious documentation process further multiplied their woes. The car registration renewal in Dubai was an arduous task for vehicle owners.

However, thanks to the government’s digitalization efforts, many of the services can now be accessed from the comfort of your desk. You save enormous time and effort if you choose to renew your vehicle’s registration through the online mode. This article thoroughly explores the process and delineates its essential aspects to help you navigate the maze.

How to Renew Your Car Registration in Dubai Online?

The car registration card issued to vehicle owners in the UAE is known as ‘Mulkiya.’ This card ensures that your vehicle is roadworthy by checking its physical condition. The step-by-step procedure for Mulkiya renewal in Dubai is given below:

The Benefits of Car Registration Renewal

The timely renewal of vehicle registration has many advantages. The major benefits of Dubai Mulkiya renewal are as follows:

Adherence to Laws & Regulations :

Vehicle registration and timely renewal of the same is mandatory under the UAE laws. These laws contribute to enhanced road safety for drivers. Complying with the laws also helps you avoid fines and other penal actions.

Minimizing the Risk of Road Accidents :

The testing of vehicles at the time of registration renewal ensures that they are roadworthy. This helps to lower the risk of accidents or mishaps on the road due to ‘unsafe’ vehicles.

How Much Does a Car Registration Renewal Cost?

The Dubai RTA car registration renewal costs around AED 350 through online mode. This is valid for one year. There is an additional charge of AED 50 if the renewal is made after one year from the date of expiry of registration. Further, there is an extra charge of AED 20 toward knowledge and innovation fees.

Note: The above charges are subject to change from time to time. Please visit the official website of the RTA for regular updates.

Documents Required for Vehicle Registration Renewal in Dubai

The following documents are required for online vehicle registration renewal in Dubai:

Emirates ID

Car registration card (Mulkiya)

Car insurance policy (valid for at least six months)

RTA road safety certificate

What is the Grace Period for Car Registration Renewal in Dubai?

Car registrations are valid for one year in the UAE. After one year, the RTA offers a grace period of 30 days for car owners to drive without incurring fines or penalties. If Mulkiya Renewal Dubai is not done even within the grace period, the RTA is empowered to impose heavy penalties and confiscate the vehicle for up to 7 days.

Frequently Asked Questions on Car Registration Renewal in Dubai

Car registration in Dubai is valid for one year. Although there is a grace period of 30 days, it is recommended that you commence and complete the renewal process before the registration expires to avoid penalties.

If you are caught driving without a valid registration, a fine of AED 500 can be imposed by the authorities, along with four black points on your driving license. Further, the vehicle can be confiscated for up to seven days.

Yes. A valid car insurance policy is required for the renewal of registration. The registration shall not be renewed without car insurance.

Every vehicle has to be certified as ‘roadworthy’ before registration or renewal of registration. If your car fails the vehicle inspection test, it has to be repaired to meet the RTA standards and sent back for testing within 30 days.