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What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is a type of health insurance plan that covers the cost of dental treatments & procedures. Apart from basic treatments, this also includes the cost of preventive care and regular checkups.
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How Does an Dental Insurance Make Dental Care More Affordable?

Major dental treatments such as root canals, crowns, and orthodontic procedures can be quite expensive today. Many procedures may require long-term care and regular checkups. The cost of good quality dental care gets prohibitively high for the entire family. Dental insurance in UAE helps you get high-quality treatment at affordable prices for you and your family.

Dental insurance also covers the cost of preventive checkups. This helps to spot health problems (related to oral hygiene) well in advance. Check whether your regular medical insurance policy covers the cost of dental treatments. Buy a separate add-on cover if dental treatments are excluded. At a nominal premium, the entire family can get the best dental insurance coverage.

Preventive Measures Associated With Dental Insurance

Good oral care practices help to maintain dental health and prevent expensive treatments. The following preventive measures are usually associated with dental insurance plans.

Proper brushing of teeth at least twice a day.

Proper rinsing & cleaning of mouth after eating.

Regular flossing of teeth.

Use a good mouthwash to kill germs, remove bad breath, and reduce plaques.

Use a good tongue scraper to keep your tongue clean.

Avoid junk food, tobacco products, and smoking. Increase the intake of nutritious food items.

Make regular visits to the local dentist for routine checkups.

Importance of Dental Insurance in Maintaining Oral Health

Dental Insurance Coverage UAE also includes the cost of regular checkups and preventive care procedures. Periodic visits to a dentist will ensure good oral healthcare & hygiene. Minor issues such as cleaning of teeth, extractions, filling of cavities, and early treatment of gum infections can prevent various complications that can develop later.

2-3 visits every year to the dentist can save you several thousand in oral rehabilitation bills. Most dental insurance plans cover the cost of routine checkups and preventive treatments. The dental insurance cost in UAE is quite reasonable. Paying a nominal premium covers major treatments and also helps to maintain your oral health in good condition due to regular checkups.

Coverage & Benefits of Dental Insurance

Insurance With Dental Coverage UAE offers several benefits to the policyholders:

Regular Dental Checkups

Most dental insurance policies cover the cost of regular visits & consultations with the dentist. This helps to maintain your oral health and hygiene.

Preventive Care Procedures

This helps to detect potential problems in advance and prevent health complications. Preventive care also helps to protect your teeth in your advanced years.

Restorative Treatments

This treatment is essential to restore or replace your teeth in cases of tooth loss or damage due to injuries.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting Dental Care Plans & Insurance

You must get the Best medical insurance plans with dental coverages that covers your requirements and also fits your budget.

Check whether the insurance policy covers the cost of major dental procedures such as root canals, crowns, inlays, orthodontic treatments, dentures, and dental implants.

Check if the coverage includes preventive treatments like dental fillings, extractions, sealants, and X-ray tests.

Check whether the plan covers routine dental treatments such as teeth cleaning, scaling, and polishing.

How to Apply for Dental Insurance?

The procedure to apply for dental insurance is similar to that of a regular health insurance policy. If your regular health plan does not cover dental insurance, you can buy an add-on cover at the time of renewal with your Group medical plan.
But for a comprehensive plan, you can choose either of these two methods:

Online Application

Visit the official website of the Prominent Insurance Brokers. Select a suitable plan under health insurance. Fill up your details in the get quote form and submit. 


One of our executives will soon get in touch with you. You will be guided by our team to buy the best Dental treatment plan along with the medical insurance policy that suits your needs. You can make the payment online.

Offline Application

Visit Prominent Insurance Brokers and Take the physical application form. Fill it up and submit it to the executives along with copies of relevant documents.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dental Insurance Dubai

Dental emergencies can arise unexpectedly. Check whether your health insurance covers the cost of dental treatments. Otherwise, it is recommended that you buy an add-on dental cover with your Group medical plan.

Yes. You can choose a dental clinic outside your insurer’s network coverage. But here, you cannot get cashless treatments. You may have to pay the bills first and later claim reimbursement the reason behind it’s recommended to take the treatment in network hospitals.

Any pre-existing conditions must be declared, no other way around it. and some plans offer cover with waiting periods and others without waiting periods.

Yes. Most dental insurance plans do cover root canal treatment. if dental is included in your health insurance then dental cover we will get for sure.

All pre-existing dental problems must be declared prior to taking the product for smooth transition.

Disclaimer: The health insurance policy or plan may have limitations, exclusions, and other terms and conditions that may affect coverage. It is important to carefully review the policy wording before making any decision.