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What is Health Insurance Portability?

Health insurance portability is a feature that allows policyholders to shift from one insurance company to another after purchasing a health insurance plan. Portability ensures that policyholders do not lose out on the coverage and benefits they enjoyed in the old policy.

Changing the health insurance policy may be necessary when people change their jobs or relocate to another country. They may also decide to switch from one insurer to another when they find better products or services.
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Importance of Health Insurance Portability

Portability in health insurance provides a lot of flexibility to the policyholders. It is important on account of the following factors:

Continuation of Benefits

Most insurers specify a waiting period to cover pre-existing diseases. Policyholders also get a no-claim bonus for every claim-free year. Porting helps you carry these benefits (if any) to the new policy.


Health insurance plans typically provide coverage within a country. So porting your policy is essential to enjoy the coverage when you shift from one country to another.


Change of Employment

Your new employer may offer a different group health insurance plan. Portability ensures that you continue to get medical coverage without losing out on the benefits of the earlier plan.

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Hike in Premiums

Porting to a new policy can result in substantial cost savings when the existing insurer decides to significantly raise the premium, or you can find a similar plan at a lower premium

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Better Features

You can switch health insurance policy to another health insurance company if the new plan provides better coverage and other benefits that are not available in your existing plan

Change in Requirements

A change in your situation, such as marriage, childbirth, or retirement, may warrant a different plan to cover your needs.

Healthcare Provider

If your family physician or a preferred hospital is not in your current plan’s network, you can easily shift to another plan that includes them.

Advantages of Porting Health Insurance

Health insurance portability offers the following advantages to the policyholders:

Higher Sum Insured

The accrued bonus and the no-claim bonus in the existing plan will be added to the new policy to determine the sum insured.

Continuation of Benefits

Porting of health insurance ensures that the policyholders retain all their benefits after switching to a new policy.

Customizing the Policy

Porting enables you to modify the existing policy to suit your current requirements. You can choose to enhance the coverage, switch from an individual to a family floater plan, get more add-on covers, etc.

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Lower Premiums

You can easily switch to a new policy with a lower premium due to health insurance portability.

Higher Claims Settlement

With porting, you can select an insurer who enjoys a higher claims settlement ratio.

Better Benefits & Services

Porting makes it convenient to choose a health insurance plan that provides better benefits. You can also shift the insurance provider if you are not happy with the services.

Disadvantages of Medical Insurance Portability

The disadvantages of medical insurance portability are listed below:


Porting of health insurance is possible only at the time of policy renewal. You cannot switch the policy at any other time.

No Significant Changes

Porting is allowed only between similar policies. You cannot port health insurance policies to get a completely different plan.

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Rise in Premiums

Certain additional benefits provided by the new policy may require the policyholder to pay a higher premium.

Loss of Benefits

Shifting from one insurer to another may entail a loss of certain benefits depending on the plan.

Factors to Consider Before Porting Health Insurance

The following factors must be considered before you decide to switch to a new health insurance policy:

Better Features

You can consider shifting to another insurer if it offers a better product with more attractive features than your current policy.

Price Difference

Compare different plans at the time of renewal. Choose a health insurance plan that offers better coverage at the same price or the same benefits at a lower price.

Hidden Clauses

You must check whether the new plan is more comprehensive and transparent than the current policy. There should be no hidden clauses that restrict your coverage or benefits.

Claims Settlement

The new insurer should have an efficient claims management process and a claims settlement ratio that is better than your existing insurer.

Quality of Service

Check and confirm the quality of service provided by the new insurer.

Specialized Services

You may require certain special services that are not provided by your current policy. You can then switch to a health insurance provider that offers these services.

Eligibility Criteria for Health Insurance Portability in the UAE

The following criteria are essential to be eligible for health insurance portability in the UAE:

The health insurance policy must be active i.e. it should not have expired.

The policyholder has to maintain continuous insurance coverage for at least 12 months.

There must be no significant breaks or gaps in policy coverage.

The policyholder has to settle all the outstanding dues with the current insurer.

The current insurer has to be notified of the policyholder’s decision to shift to another company within the designated timeframe.

The policyholder must check the new insurer’s age restrictions and policies related to pre-existing health conditions.

Accurate and timely documentation must be provided to the new insurer.

Documents Needed for Changing Your Health Insurance

The following set of documents is required for health insurance portability online.

Existing policy documents

Portability form - duly filled up and signed

Identity proof of the policyholder

Address proof

Age proof of all the insured members

Relevant medical documents

History of past claims

How to Port Health Insurance in the UAE?

To port your health insurance in the UAE, follow these general steps:

Understand the Terms & Conditions

Check the terms & conditions of the new insurance provider. It is important to know the specific requirements or restrictions for porting health insurance.

Research the Plans

Compare the plans, their benefits, coverage, and pricing of various health insurance companies in the UAE. Select a plan that suits your requirements.

Contact the New Insurance Provider

Once you select an insurance provider, contact the company and enquire about their policies. Provide all the details about your current policy and clearly understand the portability process.

Provide the Required Documents

Collect all the necessary documents such as your current policy, Emirates ID, visa copy, medical records, and any other document specified by the new insurance provider.

Fill Up the Application Form

Complete and submit the application form provided by the new insurer. You may be asked to provide details about your current policy and health condition.

Await Approval and Confirmation

The new insurance company will review your application. The insurer checks whether the policy can be ported and if any adjustments are necessary. The porting is then confirmed and the new policy is issued

Inform your Existing Insurer

Notify your existing insurer about the decision to port your policy. You will be guided through the cancellation process and provided with the necessary documents.

Settle Outstanding Dues and Pay the Premium

Clear all the outstanding dues with the current insurer. Make the payment for the new policy and stay up to date.

Familiarize Yourself With the New Policy

Gather all information about the new insurance company, policy features, coverage, and network providers.

Update the Healthcare Providers

Provide information about the new health insurance plan to your doctors, hospitals, and other medical service providers.

Reasons for Rejection of Health Insurance Portability

Some of the reasons why your request for health insurance portability is rejected are as follows:

Incomplete Information

The new insurance company can reject your application for porting health insurance if you do not provide true and complete information.

Delay in Submission

The policyholder must apply for a switch within the timeframe specified by the new insurer. Any delay can lead to rejection, and you have no choice but to wait for the next policy renewal date.

Claims History

The insurance company can reject your request for porting if the history of your past claims is not in order. Any possible case of fraud or misrepresentation will inevitably lead to rejection.

Frequently Asked Questions on Health Insurance Portability

No. Portability in health insurance is allowed only at the time of renewing your policy and not at any other time.

You can change your health insurance when your policy is due for renewal. You must notify the switch to your current insurance company at least 45 days before the policy is due to expire.

People typically opt for medical insurance portability when they relocate to another country, change their jobs, or if they find a better plan with attractive features or lower premiums.

The waiting period in the new policy for any specific health condition will not be affected if it is the same as the previous policy. You just have to serve the remaining time period. But this depends upon the terms & conditions of the new insurer.

Disclaimer: The health insurance policy or plan may have limitations, exclusions, and other terms and conditions that may affect coverage. It is important to carefully review the policy wording before making any decision.