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Canada is a magnificent country blessed with prosperity and nature’s bounty. The beautiful cities and breathtaking landscapes offer a memorable travel experience for all your family members. However, a few unpleasant incidents can arise when you least expect them and spoil all your fun.

An accident, illness, or loss of valuables can dampen your holiday plans and also cause great financial distress. Most of these events are uncertain and beyond your control. Buying International travel insurance for Canada is the best way to hedge yourself against such mishaps in a foreign country.

Why Travel Insurance is Important When Traveling to Canada

While it’s not mandatory for travelers to purchase insurance for Canada, it’s always advisable to have one. Travel insurance is essential on account of the following reasons:

Medical Coverage

Hospitalization may be imminent due to a sickness or an unfortunate accident in a foreign country. It can be quite expensive to avail of good-quality medical care abroad. Medical evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains multiply these expenses. Travel insurance covers all these expenses, and policyholders can avail of cashless treatment at network hospitals. Further, personal accident insurance covers death due to accidents.

Cover for Baggage

Any loss of baggage, personal belongings, travel documents, and cash can cause immense hardships while you are in an unfamiliar zone. Travel insurance compensates for all such losses and helps you get going quickly without much trouble. You also get cash support to purchase essential items if your baggage gets delayed for any reason.

Other Travel Hazards

Canada insurance for travel can protect you against third-party legal claims abroad. Any other loss due to flight delays, highjacking, theft, or additional stay expenses is also reimbursed by travel insurance.

Types of Travel Insurance for Canada

Travel insurance for Canada can be customized to meet your specific requirements. The different types of travel insurance plans are as follows:

Single-Trip Travel Insurance

Travelers from the UAE to Canada who take a one-off trip can purchase single-trip travel insurance. The policy is valid only for the duration of this trip.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Travellers who undertake frequent trips to Canada can purchase multi-trip travel insurance. The policy has a validity of one year and covers all the trips during this period. There is no need to purchase a separate policy for every trip.

Long-Term Travel Insurance

This 24-month travel insurance for Canada is ideal if you plan to study, work, or have an extended stay in the country for personal reasons. This is a comprehensive insurance plan that meets the requirements of International Experience Canada (IEC)

Documents Required to Buy Travel Insurance for Canada

The following set of documents is required to apply for a Canadian visa from the UAE:

Passport with a validity of at least six months and two blank pages for stamping.

Completely-filled application form.

Two recent photographs of all applicants, along with their names and date of birth details, on the backside.

Recent bank statements to demonstrate proof of income and financial stability.

Photocopies of return air tickets.

Receipt of hotel booking in Canada as proof of accommodation.

Visa Requirements to Travel to Canada from the UAE

The UAE citizens can travel to Canada without obtaining a visa and stay there for up to six months. They just need an Electronic Ticket Authorization (ETA) to travel to Canada. However, it’s mandatory for Indians and other expatriates in the Emirates to procure a visa. Canada issues five different visa types based on the purpose of your visit. The visa application procedure is given below:

Visit the official website of the Canadian government.

Select the appropriate visa type.

Complete the online application form.

Upload the relevant documents.

Pay the visa application fees online.

Submit the application form.

Submit your photographs and biometric credentials at the nearest service center within the next 30 days.

How to Buy Travel Insurance Online?

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What Do You Know About Canada?

Canada is the second largest country in the world by total area, and it covers almost half of the North American continent. It has a population of about 40 million. The capital city is Ottawa. Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are the three biggest cities in Canada. It is a developed country with one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. English and French are the official languages. Canada shares the world’s largest land border with the USA (5,525 miles).

List of 5 Best Places to Visit in Canada

The ultra-modern cities, exquisite landscapes, vast coastline, and diverse terrain ensure that a Canadian holiday is always filled with joy and excitement. The top 5 places to see in Canada are listed below.
Niagara Falls to visit

Niagara Falls

This iconic natural splendor is the country’s most famous tourist spot, attracting millions of visitors every year. It is located along the American border, about an hour’s drive from Toronto. You can witness the majestic power and beauty of Niagara Falls at the top from an amazingly close distance.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park

The Banff National Park is one of the world’s most beautiful travel locations that you cannot afford to miss on your Canadian sojourn. The snowcapped mountain peaks, crystalline waters, breathtaking glaciers, and exotic wildlife offer a heavenly experience with their natural charm. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has something to offer to everyone. You can easily reach the park from Calgary International Airport.

Quebec City

Quebec City

Visit the oldest walled city in North America along with your partner to experience the pure magic of French romance. Quebec City is an enchanting place with lots of historical attractions. An evening walk along the scenic Terrasse Dufferin is sure to leave you spellbound. You can take a cab ride from the Quebec Jean Lesage International Airport to reach the city.



This vibrant city in British Columbia is rated amongst the best in the world with its exemplary quality of life. The city’s modern architecture, pristine parks, idyllic mountains, and ravishing coastline make it one of the most popular tourist destinations. You can hop on a cruise to Alaska from the port of Vancouver.



This one is for the adventure junkies who want an action-packed holiday with thrills and twists. Whistler is home to the largest ski resort in Canada and attracts adventure seekers from all across the world. Apart from skiing, you can indulge in mountain biking, snowshoeing, and tobogganing. You can easily reach Whistler from Vancouver within two hours.

What is the Best Time to Visit Canada?

The summer months of July & August are ideal for adventure and outdoor activities. The winter (mid-December to mid-March) in Canada may be freezing cold, but great for winter sports and snow experiences. Overall, September to November is pleasant and comfortable for most travelers.

Details of the UAE Embassy in Canada

The Ambassador: H.E. Fahad Saeed Al Raqbani

Address: 125 Boteler Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada K1N 0A

Working Hours: 9 am to 4 pm (Monday to Friday)

Phone: +16135657272

Email: ">

Frequently Asked Questions on Travel Insurance for Canada

No. But it is always recommended to purchase travel insurance before you travel abroad. This can protect you against health emergencies and travel-related hassles in a foreign country.

Any citizen or resident of the UAE between 3 months to 75 years of age can purchase travel insurance for Canada.

A single-trip travel insurance plan is valid only for a particular trip that generally lasts for less than 90 days. However, frequent international flyers can purchase multi-trip travel insurance to cover all their trips in a year under a single policy.

No. UAE passport holders do not require a visa to travel to Canada. They get visa-free access and can travel to Canada for short-term visits by obtaining electronic travel authorization.

Disclaimer: The nations, visa costs, and other information presented here are derived from a variety of sources. This is not a recommendation or promotion from Prominent Insurance Brokers. Before purchasing your tickets or requesting a visa, please confirm the same.