A large part of the economy of the UAE has been based on trading by sea for many years, and it remains a fundamental part of the UAE’s economy today. The UAE is a hub of world trade, and Dubai specifically operates on an import-export industry thriving on millions of dirhams of goods passing through its ports and free zones every day.

In today’s global economy, the substantial growth in international trade means there is more cargo being transported around the world than ever before. Naturally, your imports and exports are exposed to various transit hazards that can result in serious financial loss. Marine Insurance is widely available in the UAE offering a wide range of coverages.

We at Prominent Insurance Brokers, organize right and proper protection for the movement of your goods to or from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re shipping goods by sea, air or road, we’ll ensure they’re protected. Depending on the type and frequency of cargo transit, our policies can be flexible, so you can feel at ease wherever and whenever your cargo is being sent.

•Marine Cargo Voyage

 Single Transit Policy – Under this insurance, coverage is given to a single shipment from a specified point of origin to the specified destination.

•Marine Cargo Open Cover

An Open Cover/Annual Insurance is a contract covering all shipments of the Insured during the period of insurance on terms as agreed on a shipment declaration basis or annual blanket cover maintaining minimum and deposit premium. By availing this, the insured is relieved of the hassle of arranging separate policies for individual shipments and need only to make periodical declaration.

For your convenience, we may even arrange on online portal from “A” rated Insurance Companies wherein you may issue certificates of insurance in your office 24×7. With the right Marine Insurance policy from us, you can safeguard goods, deals and peace of mind.