Pet parents think about term insurance when vet bills continue to be a challenge. In the UAE, pet insurance is a relatively new concept. Pet parents and industry executives strongly recommend pet insurance for unexpected vet bills. At the moment, only dogs and cats are covered by insurers in the UAE, and the cost of treatment is typically higher. Under existing insurance plans offered by local insurers, veterinary fees are covered up to D30,000.

How much do you need to pay?

  • The costs of pet insurance vary according to the breed and size of the pet (Normally Dh 1000 to Dh 5000)
  • It costs about Dh1,500 per year for puppies, but it costs around Dh3,500 per year for older dogs.

What’s covered and what’s not

  1. Covers most of the veterinary fees
  2. Covers any accidental injuries to the pet
  3. Covers pet liability which an owner may need due to any damage caused by the pet.
  4. Death compensation for the pet
  5. Liabilities caused by the pet and rewards to find a lost pet.
  6. Coverage for a life-threatening disease
  7.  Pre-existing conditions that exist prior to the purchase of policy are strictly not covered.
  8.  Elective treatments like spaying/neutering aren’t covered as well.

In the same way that medical insurance protects the owner against unexpected medical costs, pet insurance protects the owner from unplanned vet bills. Also, remember, that insurance premiums will grow with your pet. Better to insure them now.