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What is International Medical Coverage?

International health coverage is a type of insurance policy that covers medical treatment expenses in a foreign country. Policyholders can get the best healthcare services abroad without undergoing financial hardships. International health insurance benefits frequent travelers and people who stay abroad for work, business, or education purposes. The policy covers both emergency medical treatment and routine healthcare services.

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Features of International Health Coverage

Most of the features of international health insurance are similar to regular health insurance plans. The salient features of international healthcare coverage are listed below:

Medical emergencies in a foreign country requiring immediate care are covered (apart from regular services)

The policy covers hospitalization expenses, outpatient visits, daycare procedures, preventive healthcare services, etc.

Policyholders can avail of a cashless treatment facility at the best network hospitals abroad and avoid paying huge medical bills out of their pocket.

The insurance provider offers reimbursement of expenses for treatment in hospitals outside their network.

International health insurance covers the cost of long-term treatment for chronic diseases that require ongoing care.

Benefits of International Health Coverage

The significant benefits of international health coverage are as follows:

Policyholders can access the best healthcare facilities abroad without financial worries and hardships.

Students, businessmen, and working professionals get health insurance coverage during their stay in a foreign country.

The policy is issued without many restrictions regarding the age and health condition of an individual.

The insurance providers have an extensive network of hospitals across the globe that provide cashless treatment.

Policyholders can get seamless access to healthcare facilities and medical professionals in countries where their language or English is not widely spoken. This makes it convenient for expatriates who may not be well-versed with the healthcare system, procedures, and language in a foreign country. International health insurance offers support such as multilingual communication and documentation assistance.

Importance of International Health Coverage

Foreign health insurance is essential on account of several reasons:

Comprehensive health insurance coverage provides complete security and peace of mind during your travel or stay abroad.

Policyholders can avail of advanced medical treatment in a foreign country if a specific health condition cannot be treated within their country.

Students can prevent financial hardships while they are pursuing their education abroad by getting international health insurance coverage.

Certain countries make health insurance mandatory to grant a travel or resident visa to applicants.

Tips to Buy the Best International Health Insurance

Here are some valuable tips to help you buy the best international health insurance coverage for yourself and your family:

Network Hospitals

The insurance company should have an extensive network of healthcare providers in significant countries. This ensures that you get cashless treatment in a foreign country without worrying about arranging for finances.

Pre-Existing Diseases Coverage

The international health coverage plan must cover any pre-existing health condition without prescribing a long waiting period. Please note that many insurers either do not cover them or charge higher premiums.

Co-payment & Deductibles

These are out-of-pocket expenses that reduce your policy premium. It may be beneficial to choose a plan with higher deductibles (and lower premiums) if you are young, fit, and do not have many health problems.

Inclusions & Exclusions

Before purchasing health insurance, knowing what the policy covers and does not cover is essential. International health insurance policy should specifically cover the expenses of medical evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains to the home country.


The premium payable depends on several factors, such as your age, health condition, and sum insured. Check if the premium is affordable and whether the policy provides optimal coverage for your needs.

Add-On Covers

Riders & add-on covers enable policyholders to enhance the coverage and customize the plan according to their requirements. Please check for their availability to top up your basic plan.

How Do I Get an International Health Coverage Plan?

Step 1

Visit the official website of Prominent Insurance Brokers. Enter your details in the international medical insurance quote form.

Step 2

Once you provide all the required details in this form, click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 3

One of our executives will soon get in touch with you. Our team of expert advisors will guide you to buy the best international health insurance coverage in the UAE. You can make the payment online.

You can also click on the WhatsApp icon on this page and chat with our team members. You will be guided step-by-step to buy the policy online.

Frequently Asked Questions on International Health Coverage

International health coverage offers financial support to avail medical treatment in a foreign country. This can be highly beneficial for foreign students, working professionals, and people who wish to go abroad for advanced medical treatment.

Travel insurance is suitable only for short-term trips (less than six months), such as tourism and business visits. International health insurance coverage is helpful for long-term purposes such as studying or working in a foreign country. Further, travel insurance does not provide coverage if you want to go abroad exclusively for medical treatment.

The insurance company has an extensive list of healthcare providers in different countries. You can choose a doctor/hospital based on your location abroad and contact them for assistance.

Yes. You shall be eligible for cashless treatment if you choose a hospital within the insurer’s network. Otherwise, you are required to pay the bills and later claim reimbursement from the insurer.