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Importance of Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi

The motor vehicle laws in Abu Dhabi make it mandatory for car owners to purchase basic car insurance. This policy should cover any legal claims from third parties that may arise due to the insured vehicle. Failure to purchase car insurance attracts stiff penalties and may also lead to the confiscation of your vehicle.

However, Motor Insurance provides a host of other benefits beyond satisfying legal requirements. Car owners can purchase a comprehensive policy and protect themselves against potential financial hardships. Bodily injuries, accidental damage, and vehicle theft result in significant financial losses that can be covered under car insurance.

Types of Car Insurance Policies in Abu Dhabi

Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi is primarily of two types depending upon the level of coverage provided by the policy:

Third party Insurance

third party car Insurance

Third-party car insurance is the most basic form of auto insurance in Abu Dhabi. The law mandates every car owner to have this insurance coverage to protect them against legal claims and related expenses. Any accident that occurs while driving your car can cause bodily injuries to other people and/or damage their properties. Third-party car insurance compensates for such unexpected losses and covers legal expenses (if any).

Although this insurance policy helps you meet legal requirements at affordable premiums, it provides limited coverage. Policyholders cannot file a claim for damages to their own vehicles and other non-accidental losses such as theft.

Comprehensive Insurance

comprehensive car Insurance

As the name suggests, comprehensive car insurance provides extensive coverage and protects you against a wide range of risks. This includes both third-party claims and losses incurred by policyholders themselves due to accidents, natural disasters, fire, theft, and vandalism. Comprehensive car insurance satisfies the legal requirements and also safeguards the car owners against unforeseen events.

Further, the add-on plans of comprehensive car insurance offer an array of benefits to the policyholders, such as personal accident coverage, emergency roadside assistance, and garage repairs.

Inclusions of Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi

Comprehensive motor insurance in Abu Dhabi covers several risks for vehicle owners. The details are as follows:

Exclusions of Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi

The general exclusions of Auto Insurance Abu Dhabi are as follows:

Note: Any deliberate concealment or misrepresentation of material facts at the time of purchasing car insurance results in the rejection of claims by the insurer.

How to Buy or Renew Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi?

Please follow the steps listed below to purchase or renew Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi Online

Step 1

Visit the official website of Prominent Insurance Brokers. Enter your details in the car insurance quote form.

Step 2

Once you provide all the required details in this form, click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 3

One of our executives will soon get in touch with you. You will be guided by our team to buy the best car insurance in Abu Dhabi. You can make the payment online.

You can also click on the Whatsapp icon on this page and chat with our team members. You will be guided step-by-step to buy the policy online.

Benefits of Buying Car Insurance from Prominent Insurance Brokers

Prominent Insurance Brokers offer the following benefits when you buy car insurance in Abu Dhabi.

We are amongst the top insurance brokers in the UAE with a distinguished track record of 20+ years in the insurance sector.

The company offers a wide range of insurance policies that are specifically designed to meet the customers’ requirements.

We have sold over 26,000 motor insurance policies and successfully settled 6,000+ claims.

We ensure fast settlement of claims supported by a dedicated claims management team.

The policyholders enjoy huge savings with attractive discounts on premiums and other value-added services.

We offer guidance from a professional team of insurance experts to help you choose the right policy.

Prominent Insurance Brokers has forged partnerships with the top insurance companies in the UAE.

Claim Process of Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi

Quick filing and settlement of claims are essential to get the optimal benefits of insurance coverage. The details of the car insurance claim process in Abu Dhabi is as follows:

Make a visit to your nearest police station to inform them about the incident and file a police report.

Get in touch with the insurance company to report the incident and initiate the claim process. You can also request for car towing services if required.

Take your vehicle to any of the authorized service stations for inspection and repairs.

The executives at the service station shall make an assessment of the damages and prepare an invoice for undertaking repairs.

The invoice shall be dispatched to your insurance provider for approval. The repair services shall begin only after they approve the same.

The service station will inform you about the vehicle’s expected delivery date through a notification on your registered mobile phone number.

Visit the service centre on the specified date and take delivery of your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions on Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi

Yes, it’s mandatory for car owners in Abu Dhabi to purchase basic car insurance that covers third-party liabilities that may arise due to the said vehicle.

A comprehensive car insurance policy provides coverage for both drivers and passengers. Policyholders can purchase separate add-on covers to get this benefit.

No, your existing car insurance shall remain valid across the UAE. However, you can change the insurance provider at the time of renewal if you find a better deal.

The validity of car insurance policies in the UAE is 13 months. This includes the normal period of 12 months and a grace period of one month to renew the policy without legal hassles.

Disclaimer: The information mentioned here is gathered from sources deemed to be reliable & trustworthy. Prominent Insurance Brokers does not promote or recommend any product or service.