Since the future is unpredicted better you get prepared for the unexpected.

Speaking of home insurance, there are some misunderstandings that home insurance policy is for homeowners alone. But it’s applicable for the person who is renting an apartment or house as well. In Dubai, a person renting an apartment, or a house might get insurance for the contents of the house because house owners do not provide such coverage for rented property.

 Some Important Notes 

· A comprehensive home insurance covers the insured’s basic house, premises, and the large-scale contents inside the house from certain

Unfortunate events.

· Building cover- You will be covered against fire, unexpected damage, and cracks of fixed and sanitary fixtures, and more.

· Fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, falling installation objects, loss, or damage to contents while in transit are all covered

· Passports, driver’s licenses, legal documents, jewelry, watches, musical, sports, and portable equipment, laptops, and any other valuables you bring outside your home are all covered.

· Liability insurance for tenants- To safeguard you if you are deemed legally responsible for damage to your landlord’s property.

· You have the option of insuring your Domestic Helpers for medical and repatriation fees, as well as death or permanent total disability and funeral costs.

· Insurer will bear the costs of providing you with alternate housing while your home is being repaired.

Natural Calamity Cover

The most significant benefit of having home insurance is that it protects the policyholder against the high costs associated with fire, floods, and other natural disasters. It is also possible to add more calamities to the existing list of calamities covered by the policy. As a result, the policyholder has the option of creating tailored insurance that meets his or her specific needs.

Protection of valuables

Man-made issues such as riots, looting, and theft, to name a few, might cause the policyholder to lose all of his or her valuable possessions such as gold, jewelry, costly clothes, furniture, and so on. To get the most out of his insurance, the policyholder can tailor it to include and exclude particular goods.

Customization of Insurance Policies

We say Customer is the king of the market. Most of the Insurance providers help with the personalization of health insurance. Home insurance allows for a great deal of personalization to meet the needs of each individual. When customers design protection against a wide range of natural and man-made calamities insurance becomes more affordable. As a result, people can tailor their insurance to match their own financial needs and goals.

Purchasing appropriate home insurance in the UAE for your home or investment property is necessary in today’s world. Investing in home insurance, like any other insurance product, is an asset that hedges all potential future hazards. As a result, home insurance assures the protection and security of your home.