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About Sukoon Health Insurance

Sukoon Insurance is an award-winning insurance provider based in Dubai. It is one of the largest public insurance companies in the region that offers comprehensive insurance solutions to both individuals and businesses. The company has an exemplary track record of over 47 years in the insurance industry.

Sukoon Health Insurance offers health plans for individual policyholders and families. An extensive network of healthcare providers, affordable premiums, and speedy claim settlements ensure that customers get the best medical coverage in the UAE. Sukoon Health Insurance was earlier known as Oman Health Insurance.

Sukoon Health Insurance Plans in the UAE

Sukoon Health Insurance offers DHA-compliant EBP plans for Dubai residents. The plans are highly affordable, with premiums starting at just AED 560 per year. Policyholders can avail of direct billing facilities at over 1,500 healthcare providers. Pre-existing and chronic health conditions are covered with zero waiting period for previously insured members.
Sukoon Medical Insurance plans provide coverage of up to AED 150,000 per person per year. Customers can choose from any of the following three DHA-compliant plans by using the user-friendly online application portal.

DHA Easy

This DHA-compliant plan offers medical insurance for domestic workers. They can enjoy health insurance benefits at 1,500+ healthcare centres across the UAE.

DHA Family

Employees with a monthly salary below AED 4,000 get all the essential basic covers in one simple health insurance plan. It protects individuals and their dependent family members against medical emergencies.

DHA Family Plus

This plan is recommended for employees with a salary above AED 4,000 per month. It includes all the basic benefits along with some additional ones to provide comprehensive coverage to individuals and their dependents.

What is Covered Under Sukoon Medical Insurance?

The following benefits are covered under Sukoon/Oman Medical Insurance

Inpatient Treatment

Outpatient Services

What is not covered under Sukoon Medical Insurance?

The general exclusions of Oman/Sukoon Health Insurance are listed below:

Features and Benefits of Sukoon Health Insurance

An overview of the key features and benefits of Sukoon Health Insurance is provided below:

Wide Choice

A wide variety of plans are available for individuals, families, and domestic help personnel.

Affordable Premiums

With premiums starting at just AED 560 per year and attractive discounts, Sukoon Health Insurance plans offer complete value for money.

Extended Coverage

Both UAE nationals and expatriates get medical coverage until 95 years of age.

Enhanced Protection

Policyholders get additional coverage for permanent disability and critical illnesses till the age of 65.

Zero Waiting Period

Pre-existing diseases and chronic health conditions are covered without waiting period restrictions for previously insured members.

Strong Network

An extensive network of over 500 hospitals & clinics and 1,500 pharmacies offer direct billing facilities to customers.

Easy Purchase

Both online & offline modes are available for customers to purchase policies. The online portal and mobile app make it convenient to view policy details, access eCards, find nearby hospitals, etc.

How to Buy Sukoon/Oman Health Insurance Online?

Step 1

Visit the official website of Prominent Insurance Brokers. Enter your details in the online get quote form.

Step 2

Once you provide all the required details in this form, click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 3

One of our executives will soon get in touch with you. You will be guided by our team to buy a Sukoon/Oman Health insurance plan in the UAE. You can make the payment online.

You can also click on the Whatsapp icon on this page and chat with our team members. You will be guided step-by-step to buy the policy online.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sukoon Health Insurance

Yes. There are several plans of Sukoon Health Insurance that offer worldwide coverage to policyholders. Some of them may cover you only within the UAE.

Although you can choose a healthcare provider outside our network, you will have to pay the bills first and later claim reimbursement for the same. You also need to inform us before getting admitted for elective hospitalisation.

Yes. Sukoon Medical Insurance Plans cover pre-existing & chronic health conditions without any waiting period for people who were previously insured. Otherwise, a waiting period of 6 months will be applicable.

The DHA-compliant essential benefits plan (EBP) offered by Sukoon Health Insurance has a sum assured of AED 150,000 per person per year.


Sukoon Health Insurance plans may have limitations, exclusions, and other terms and conditions that may affect coverage. It is important to carefully review the policy wording before making any decision.