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What is a Visa On Arrival for UAE Residents?

Visa on arrival for UAE residents is a facility that grants them a visa when they travel abroad and arrives at the destination country. The residents of the UAE are not required to apply for a visa in advance for foreign travel to select countries. They can complete the necessary formalities by submitting the relevant documents and paying the requisite fees after they land in the foreign country. A visa on arrival is typically granted for short-term visits such as tourism or business.
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List of Countries that Allow UAE Residents a Visa On Arrival

If you intend to travel abroad without elaborate planning and want to avoid visa application formalities, here is a list of visa-on-arrival countries for UAE residents.


Armenia is one of those obscure travel destinations with vast unexplored spaces. It is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture, as is evident in its old buildings & monuments. The country has a lot to offer to everyone who loves the outdoors. The lush green forests, stunning landscapes, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and the awe-inspiring lake Sevan beckon tourists to visit Armenia for a week’s getaway. Armenia offers a visa on arrival for UAE residents who do not require a prior visa to enter the country. They can stay for a maximum of 120 days. It costs just around AED 20 to get a visa on arrival.


Azerbaijan is a great choice for budget travellers looking for affordable travel destinations. It takes just around 2.5 hours from Dubai to reach Azerbaijan by flight. Popularly called the land of fire, the country is a perfect blend of beauty, traditions, and history. Foreigners love to visit the numerous mountain villages to experience a bygone culture. A visit to this country is incomplete without hiking in the famed Caucasus mountains.

Azerbaijan offers a visa on arrival for UAE residents. It is valid for 30 days and costs around AED 95. Foreign nationals residing in the UAE can also get a visa on arrival if their residency is valid for at least another six months.


The shimmering white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and exotic marine life make it a must to visit this gorgeous island nation located in the Indian Ocean. You can soak in the luxury spa experience or enjoy the underwater wonders of the 1200 islands with beautiful lagoons. Maldives is a haven for adventure buffs seeking a thrilling water sports experience. Travellers from the UAE do not require a pre-approved visa as Maldives grants a visa on arrival for all nationalities, valid for 30 days. They must provide proof of sufficient funds and produce a valid ticket for the journey out of Maldives within the specified time.


One of the smallest countries in Europe, Montenegro is incredibly beautiful. Blessed with abundant landscapes, picturesque villages, huge mountains, and the captivating Adriatic Sea, it has emerged as one of the hot travel destinations in recent times. The country is also home to Tara River Canyon, the longest canyon in Europe and the second longest in the world after Grand Canyon.
Montenegro has changed its policies to permit UAE citizens to enter without a visa and stay for up to 90 days within six months from the date of first entry. It costs about AED 300 to get a visa on arrival.


Foreign tourists are bound to be surprised by the diverse landscapes of this tiny Himalayan nation. The sight of the spectacular temples, monasteries, and historical monuments against the backdrop of imposing mountains is truly magical. The Kathmandu Valley houses seven UNESCO World Heritage sites. Nepal is also a big draw for adventure tourists looking for an adrenaline rush. Nepal offers a visa on arrival to most nationalities, including UAE residents. A 30-day permit costs you around AED 180.


Kyrgyzstan is popular among travellers for its stunning landscapes and geographical diversity. You find expansive forests, placid lakes, tall mountain trails, and hot deserts - all packed in this landlocked Central Asian country. It takes around 4 hours by flight to reach the capital city of Bishkek from Dubai. Kyrgyzstan offers visa-free entry for UAE citizens for up to 60 days. The UAE residents who are not eligible to get visa-free entry can obtain a visa on arrival.


This small country that borders Europe & Asia has a lot to offer to travel junkies. Foreigners can expect royal treatment as Georgians are high on hospitality & warmth toward their guests. Georgia is a nature lover’s paradise owing to its diverse landscape. The capital city, Tbilisi, is dotted with several architectural landmarks. It is quite a budget-friendly destination for conscious spenders. Georgia grants visa-free travel for UAE residents. If you are a UAE citizen or a permanent resident, you can stay without a visa for a whole year. Others can obtain a visa on arrival upon landing in Georgia.


Seychelles is a marvellous cluster of over 100 islands in the Indian Ocean. It is famous for its mesmerizing beaches, pristine blue waters, rugged mountains, and lush rainforests. The shortest flight time from Dubai to Seychelles is around 4.5 hours. A visa is not required for UAE citizens who visit Seychelles for a short-term stay (up to 3 months). However, they must possess a return travel ticket, submit proof of prepaid housing, and have sufficient funds for their stay.

These were the top visa-on-arrival destinations for UAE residents.

List of Visa-Free Countries for UAE Residents

The UAE passport is one of the strongest in the world. A total of 131 countries and territories in the world offer visa-free travel to Emiratis.
A list of the top 12 countries where UAE citizens or residents can travel without a visa is given below.













List of E-Visa Countries for UAE Residents

Many countries offer foreign travellers the facility to apply for a visa online (E-Visa). You need not visit a visa centre physically to make an application. To apply for E-Visa, your passport must have a validity of at least six months from the date of arrival at the destination.

The list of top E-Visa countries for UAE residents is given below.











Saudi Arabia

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Frequently Asked Questions on Visa On Arrival for UAE Residents

A visa on arrival is issued when a traveller arrives in a foreign country. He/she need not apply for a visa in advance. But visa-free travel enables you to enter a foreign country without obtaining a visa either before or after arrival. But in either of these cases, your passport is checked for validity.

Cumbersome visa application formalities and related uncertainties deterred many travellers who desired a stress-free vacation abroad. Visa on arrival for UAE residents facility allows them to get a visa after they land in a foreign country. E-Visa gives them the option to apply online and save the hassles of paperwork & long queues.

The primary documents required for UAE residents to get a visa on arrival include a valid passport, a residency visa for non-citizens, and an Emirates ID.

Disclaimer: The nations, visa costs, and other information presented here are derived from a variety of sources. This is not a recommendation or promotion from Prominent Insurance Brokers. Before purchasing your tickets or requesting a visa, please confirm the same.