Charges for a Schengen Visa

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Overview of the Schengen Visa

UAE citizens do not require any visa for short-term visits to the European countries forming part of the Schengen zone. However, other residents who do not hold a UAE passport are required to obtain a Schengen visa to visit the region.

The payment of Schengen visa fees is mandatory at the time of filing an application. The visa application shall be rejected if the requisite fees are not paid at the time of submitting your application.

How Much Does the Schengen Visa Cost?

The price for a Schengen visa is 80 euros for adults and 40 euros for children aged between 6 to 12. There are no charges for children below the age of six. The payment of fees can be waived entirely under certain specific situations. The applicable fees in AED shall be based on the prevailing foreign exchange rate at the time of filing the Schengen visa application.

Additional Fees and Costs of a Schengen Visa

Apart from the visa application fee, there may be additional charges for a Schengen visa. The details are as follows

Processing Fees

Third-party service providers appointed by the Schengen countries may levy specific fees for processing visa applications and scrutinizing supporting documents. These charges can go up to 50% of the visa application cost.

Translation Costs

The Schengen visa application and the supporting documents must be translated into English or the official language of the Schengen member country where you plan to travel. This translation must be done only by an authorized agency. The costs for the same may differ across the Schengen member states.

Courier Charges

People generally submit their passports to the embassy or the visa processing centre when they submit a visa application. The passports shall be sent back to the applicants after their visa applications are processed. The courier charges for the same have to be paid by the applicants themselves and may vary across embassies or agencies.

Travel Insurance

Buying a travel health insurance policy that is valid across the Schengen region is mandatory to apply for a Schengen visa. The premium depends on various factors such as the sum assured, trip duration, policy features, age of the applicant, etc.

How Much Does the Multiple-Entry Schengen Visa Cost in UAE?

A multiple-entry Schengen visa allows you to make numerous short trips (under 90 days) to the region over the validity period of the visa. The multiple-entry Schengen visa cost is the same as that applicable to the regular one, i.e. 80 euros.

How to Pay the Schengen Visa Fee?

Most Schengen member states provide an online payment option to facilitate the payment of visa application fees. You can conveniently pay the Schengen visa fees through their official portals or dedicated payment platforms using your net banking/credit card/debit card. Some embassies do accept cash at their centers. Note: The procedures may vary across member countries. Check the specific requirements and guidelines of the embassy or consulate where you are filing a Schengen visa application. Please follow the instructions clearly to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction.

How Long Does it Take for My Schengen Visa to be Approved?

It takes at least 15 days to process your Schengen visa application. The processing time may be around 30 days in specific situations. Extraordinary cases may warrant a longer processing period of about 60 days.


The visa processing time is typically longer during the peak holiday season, which witnesses a heavy inflow of applications. It may also take a longer time for the authorities to scrutinize your application if you are traveling in a large group or if your visa application is elaborate with a multitude of supporting documents.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Schengen Visa

Yes. The Schengen countries’ visa fees are the same for all member states as the cost of a short-term visa has been standardized now.

No. The Schengen visa processing time cannot be reduced below 15 days. It takes at least two weeks for the concerned authorities to meticulously process your application. However, you can avoid further delays by submitting a complete and accurate application with proper supporting documents.

The Schengen visa fees shall not be refunded even if your application gets rejected by the authorities. However, most insurance providers offer a full refund of the premium paid to purchase travel insurance for a Schengen visa.

Minor children below the age of six are entirely exempt from the payment of Schengen visa fees. However, children aged between 6 to 12 pay a reduced fee of 40 euros. Unless exempted, all others have to pay the regular charge of 80 euros.