Watania Car Insurance

Watania Insurance is the second-largest Islamic insurance provider in the UAE. With flexible plans to suit every car, Watania Motor Insurance covers your car against any loss or damage and comes with several advantages.

Watania Takaful Car Insurance

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Watania Car Insurance plans

Watania Takaful Car Insurance Plans

1. Comprehensive Watania Takaful Car Insurance:  This insurance plan covers the car against third-party property damage up to AED 2 Million and also any accidental loss to the insured car. The comprehensive car insurance policy pays for third-party physical injuries as well as permitted repair costs for the insured vehicle in lieu of any repairs in damages arising from an accident for up to 3 years.

2. Third-Party Liability Watania Takaful Car Insurance: This insurance plan covers the legal liability of the car owner for any third-party damage up to AED 2 Million and covers third-party bodily injury as well. 

How To Buy Watania Takaful Car Insurance?

Purchasing Watania insurance would be the best decision you will make for safeguarding your car, and the process of buying it would never be as easy as it is with PIB Secure.

Step 2

Get yourself registered for the Watania Takaful insurance by providing certain details on the PIB secure website.

Step 3

Our expert insurance advisor will get in touch with you and carry out the whole process for you to buy Watania Takaful Insurance.

Watania Takaful Car Insurance Inclusions?

Watania takaful car insurance inclusion are these following:

Watania Takaful Car Insurance Exclusions?

Watania takaful car insurance exclusion are these following:

Why Watania Takaful Car Insurance

Why Choose Watania Takaful Car Insurance

Watania Takaful is the pioneer of insurance solutions against a range of damages or losses to your car. It is known for its smooth and fast customer care support that ensures buyers avail of ’round-the-clock’ assistance and customer satisfaction.


UAE mandates that agency repair for brand new vehicles up to 3 years be a required component of car insurance. Therefore, Watania Takaful insurance will provide a panel of workshops to repair and expands its insurance coverage to include passengers.

Add-On Covers in Watania Car Insurance

Watania insurance offers add-on covers like:

Off road

Off-road coverage.

Car rent

Car Renting service.

Oman Extension

Oman extension cover.

Special Advantages

And special accident advantages for drivers and travellers.

Watania Takaful Roadside Assistance

Watania Takaful will offer 24/7 roadside assistance in case your insured vehicle is involved in an accident. To receive prompt assistance, dial the Watania Takaful roadside help number.

customer support Watania

Toll-Free Number:

customer support watania

IMC Toll-Free Number:

When you confront stressful circumstances like an unanticipated emergency breakdown or a dimming of the vehicle, Watania Takaful roadside assistance prioritizes providing you with immediate aid. Roadside car rescue and car towing are guaranteed by Watania Takaful Car Insurance across the UAE.

Watania Takaful Car Insurance Review?

Watania Takaful is one of the premier firms for getting your car insured. Why do you stay behind to safeguard yourself and your vehicle when many out there aren’t? Choose Watania Motor Insurance and be stress-free in covering any expense in any accident, emergency, and hard times!​

watania car ;insurance reviews

How to File Watania Takaful Car Insurance Claim?

With hassle-free Watania Car Insurance claim process via Pibsecure,

Firstly, avail the police report and check the details mentioned in the police report for accuracy. Furthermore, using the helping number 800 6667, connect with Watania Takaful and report your claim. This helpline is available from 8 AM to 4 PM.

file info

The PIB secure executive will take care of all the relevant requirements and then:

Notifying you of the share you will have to pay on your end.

Confirm if your Takaful certificate covers the reported happening.

Verifying that you have heeded the measures applied in filing the claim.

Aiding you with a suitable garage to go.

file info

Next, you have to send your vehicle to the designated garage and provide the following details to the garage service advisor:

Police Report

Claim Number



The Garage will directly provide the estimate of the repair expenditures to the Watania Takaful Insurance company for approval and Lpo.

Frequently Asked Questions on Watania Car Insurance​

It is the discount offered on the overall Takaful contribution in case you don’t file any claims.


Yes, you can get your Takaful certificate cancelled in the case of the following:

  • De-registration of your car.
  • Transfer of ownership of the plan.

These terms are the insurer’s contribution with regard to non-recoverable claims in case of an accident, which is generally caused by the insured person. 


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