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What is a Health Card?

A health card in the UAE is a document that enables its holders to access low-cost public healthcare facilities and medical services. Health card holders can receive medical treatment at government-run institutions by paying relatively lower premiums.

The cost of private healthcare is exorbitant in Dubai, with prices skyrocketing every year. A health card is a type of medical insurance coverage that provides protection to such people by offering medical care at reasonable prices.

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Who is Eligible to Apply for a Health Card in Dubai?

Every person who is a citizen or resident of the UAE can apply for a health card. Expatriates and diplomats are also eligible for the same. Parents can make a separate application to obtain health cards for their children.

Every Emirate in the UAE issues a health card with a specific validity in that region. for instance, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) issues the health card in Dubai, and the Ministry of Health & Protection (MOHAP) oversees the health card applications in Sharjah.

How to Apply for a Health Card in Dubai?

Health card applicants can choose either offline or online mode. If you wish to apply offline, you can visit the primary healthcare centers of Dubai, the Hatta Hospital, the Dubai Hospital, or the Rashid Hospital.

If you want to apply for a health card online in Dubai, the procedure is as follows: assuage.

Step 1

Register and log in to the E-services portal of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). You can sign in by using either your DHA account or your UAE Pass account.

Step 2

Click on the DHA health card application portal.

Step 3

Complete the application form and submit the same.

Step 4

You can make the payment online for the application fee and service fee.

The application is reviewed by the UAE government. The approval for the same is intimated to all applicants through a text message. As the Dubai Health Card is linked to your Emirates ID, it can be used immediately without the physical card.

Documents Required to Apply for a Health Card in Dubai

The following documents are essential to apply for a health card in Dubai.

Original Passport

Original Emirates ID

A recent passport-sized photograph

Proof of residence

A copy of the family book (for citizens) and a copy of the resident’s visa (for residents)

A copy of the marriage certificate for dependent female applicants.

A copy of the birth certificate for children.

Benefits of a Health Card in Dubai

The Dubai Health Card offers several amazing benefits to people. The details are as follows:

Significant Cost Savings

Cardholders can avail of special discounts and offers on doctor’s consultations, medicines, and diagnostic procedures. They are also eligible for subsidized medical services from the government.

Continuous Healthcare Access

You can enjoy high-quality healthcare services without any disruption. From routine checkups to specialized treatments, you can avail yourself of all the facilities on a priority basis without spending a huge sum.

Extensive Network of Hospitals

Dubai Health Cardholders can tap into a vast network of clinics and hospitals that provide world-class healthcare facilities. Here, they get access to the best physicians and specialists in Dubai.

International Coverage

Dubai Health Card protects you and your family even if you travel outside the UAE. It provides International insurance coverage to safeguard you anywhere in the world.


The health card is well-integrated with the Dubai Health Authority’s smart systems. This helps you avoid cumbersome paperwork and documentation. It is possible to book appointments or access your medical reports with just a few clicks on your phone or laptop.

Focus on Health

The health card is like a personal coach who motivates you to pay special attention to your health & wellness. It encourages you to stay fit and undertake periodic medical checkups to prevent major health issues

Things to Know About the UAE Health Card

There are certain important aspects that applicants need to know about the Health Card in the UAE:

The validity of the health card is four years for UAE and GCC citizens. But non-citizens have to renew the card every year.

The health card shall be linked to your place of residence in the UAE. It can only be used in the Emirate in which it was issued.

A valid Emirates ID is required to apply for a health card.

The health card can be renewed only one month prior to the date of expiry. The process for renewal is the same as first-time registration.

The Dubai Health Card benefits you by giving you access to a network of premium healthcare providers and top-notch medical facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions on Health Card Dubai

No. Obtaining a Dubai Health Card is not mandatory for residents. However, it’s mandatory for every citizen/resident of Dubai to have health insurance coverage. If you do not have private health insurance, it’s advisable to apply for a health card.

If you are not covered by private health insurance plans, a health card in the UAE provides access to good quality, low-cost public healthcare facilities for medical treatment.

A health card issued in Dubai (your place of residence) can be used at any of the government-run hospitals in Dubai only.

Yes. Citizens, residents, and expatriates are all eligible to apply for a health card in the UAE. But non-citizens have to renew the card every year.

Health Card Dubai can be easily renewed online by logging on to the official portal of DHA or by making a personal visit to any of the authorized public healthcare facilities.

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