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A comprehensive health insurance policy covers hospitalization, medical treatment, and related expenses. Medical emergencies, illnesses, and injuries can strike people at any time. Excessive healthcare costs can drain people of their savings and plunge them into debt. So, buying health insurance is a prudent decision for individuals & families to protect themselves against financial hardships.

Health insurance providers in the UAE offer a host of plans to cater to the diverse requirements of their customers. It is essential to understand the features, benefits, and scope of these insurance plans. This ensures that you make an informed decision and get the best coverage at affordable prices.

Importance of Medical Insurance Coverage

The future is uncertain and unpredictable. The recent COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the fragility of human life and our vulnerability to life-threatening health conditions. While it is impossible to predict or prevent such events, you can take precautionary measures to cushion their financial impact. Buying health insurance is the best way to deal with these exigencies. The top reasons why you must get medical insurance coverage are as follows:

Mandatory Requirement

Under DHA regulations, every resident of Dubai must have health insurance coverage. Non-compliance may lead to stiff fines and penalties.

Changing Lifestyle Patterns

Fast-paced life, hectic jobs, intense competition, and stress have become the bane of modern society. Environmental pollution, unhealthy food choices, sleep deprivation, and a sedentary lifestyle have all taken a huge toll on our health. Youngsters in their 30s are now falling prey to chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Exorbitant Medical Treatment Costs

There has been an exponential rise in healthcare expenses in recent years. Access to high-quality medical care is unimaginable for the common man. A few days in the hospital can wipe out your life’s savings if you are not covered by medical insurance.

Benefits of Insurance Coverage

Health insurance products provide value for money with their numerous features and attractive pricing. Policyholders get comprehensive coverage for their families by paying a nominal sum every year. Critical illness insurance and personal accident plans offer compensation for potential loss of income.

What is the List of Diseases Covered Under Health Insurance?

The diseases covered under health insurance may differ based on the insurance company and the specific plans. However, the general list of diseases covered under health insurance is as follows:


Cancer may affect various organs such as breasts, lungs, stomach, bones, prostate, etc. The treatment involves complex surgeries and advanced healthcare facilities. The cost is prohibitively high and out of bounds for common people. A health insurance policy in the UAE covers the cost of diagnostic procedures, surgical treatment, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, drugs, and palliative care.


Heart Diseases

Cardiac diseases are extremely common in the UAE. Diseases such as angina, arrhythmia, heart attack, stroke, and heart failure affect a vast segment of the population. A comprehensive health insurance plan covers the cost of specialist consultations, blood tests, ECG, scanning procedures, angiogram, bypass surgery, valve replacement, cardiac rehabilitation program, etc.


Poor dietary choices, lack of physical activities, obesity, and stress have led to a rapid surge in diabetic patients across the world. The scene is not very different in the Gulf region. Health insurance policyholders can claim the expenses of doctor’s consultations, regular blood sugar monitoring, medicines, and diabetes care programs that help patients manage the disease.


This disease is popularly known as high blood pressure (BP). It is a chronic condition that results in several other diseases, such as blocked arteries, heart attack, diabetes, and stroke. The cost of long-term care and medicines for chronic diseases can be very high. Health insurance covers the cost of such treatment and alleviates the financial burden on your family.


Lung Diseases

Respiratory ailments such as asthma, pneumonia, and COPD are also chronic and require effective management to control the disease. Health insurance covers the expenses of laboratory tests, medicines, and treatments to restore the functioning of the lungs.

Other Critical Illnesses

Health insurance offers coverage for other severe medical conditions such as renal failure, chronic liver disease, paralysis, and certain neurological disorders. These diseases have high fatalities and require extensive care to save the patient’s life.

Note: The plan features and scope of coverage may vary across insurers. Please check the policy documents for specific details.

Which Disease is Not Covered Under Health Insurance?

The list of diseases not covered under health insurance is as follows:

Self-inflicted injuries

Diseases caused due to excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, or substance abuse

Injuries that arise due to any unlawful or hazardous activities

Cosmetic procedures or beauty-enhancing treatments that are not critical for an individual’s health and life

Infertility treatments such as IVF

Pre-existing diseases until the expiration of the waiting period

Other medical treatments that are not authorized by the government or professional regulatory bodies

Frequently Asked Questions on Medical Insurance Coverage

Most health insurance companies in the UAE do provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. However, they typically impose a waiting period restriction. This clause requires policyholders to wait for at least six months after purchasing the policy to claim any benefit. Certain plans also agree to waive this clause in return for higher premiums.

A majority of health insurance plans in the UAE cover maternity expenses subject to a waiting period. The coverage extends to screening tests, regular check-ups, pre-natal care, post-natal care, and newborn baby care starting after 30 days of birth.

Supplementary medical services such as dental, hearing, and vision are typically not covered under standard healthcare plans in the UAE. Some plans do offer limited coverage. However, policyholders can buy separate add-on covers for such specific health conditions.

Employers in Dubai must provide health insurance to their employees. Most employers also cover their employees’ families under this program. If families are not covered by your employer, then insurance has to be arranged by you or their sponsor.