Product Liability Insurance

This Cover is designed to provide coverage of the losses arising from the products manufactured by a company. Products that are identical defective, which can cause bodily injuries or death, is often the cause of the legal liability. This insurance covers Claimant’s costs &Insured’s own legal expenses.

Constructing or Erecting.
Selling, Supplying including containers and packaging.
Servicing, testing, processing.


A camera you sold explodes causing damage.
A flat you sold caused a damage for the occupants while it has some water leakage.

Product Liability insurance protects you from claims resulting in:

Accidental death.
Bodily injury.
Disease contracted by any person.
Loss of profits sustained by any person arising as the result of a claim.
Property damage.

Key Benefits:

Fully customized insurance solutions to match the requirements of your business.
Risk assessment services.
Professional advice from loss control & prevention engineers.
Wide coverage of GCC.
Multi-locations can be covered under one policy.
Global expertise in litigation matters.
Flexible amounts (called limit of indemnity) of covers.
Coverage extended to any legal fees and expenses which result from any claim by a third party but it should be within the policy limits.
Flexibility to add various options & extensions.