Home Insurance

Home Insurance Covers Building, Contents & Personal Belongings.
Protect Your Building

Building Includes Apartments as well as Villas.

Protect Your Contents

Contents Includes Household Goods Like Furnitures, Appliances, TV, Carpets, etc.

Protect your Personal Belongings

Personal Belongings Include Items Like Your Phone, Jewellery, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Other Portable Electronic Devices.


Owner's Liability to the Public

As an owner, you are covered in case of accidental injury to a person or damage to a property.

Loss of Rent or Alternative Accommodation

Whether you are a landlord or tenant, you can claim up to the specified limits of your policy under this benefit.

Excess or Deductibles

In the event of a claim, this would be the amount to be shouldered by you.

Tenant's Liability

As a tenant, you are covered for any accidental damage to your landlord’s property.

Single Article Limits

The contents and personal belongings above a specific value have to be listed on the policy.

Artwork or Painting

In case you are an avid collector of expensive types of art, you may be recommended a more comprehensive option.

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