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PIB Automaster safeguards your vehicle against accidents from natural calamities, theft and automobile damage among others. We also provide protection for you and your passengers for a worry-free travel. Here are our wide-range coverage features and high performance services.
The PIB Auto-master covers the following benefits:


PIB takes pride in its claims settlement reputation. Protect yourself from automobile damage or theft. With the Auto-master, you’ll be back on the road in no time.


Driving is a big responsibility; you always run the risk of accidentally hurting someone or damaging another person’s property. Malayan shoulders these risks to keep you on the move. Enjoy coverage for Bodily Injury & Property Damage


Protect yourself and your passengers from expenses arising from vehicular accidents. Automaster will provide Accident protection and Medical Reimbursement. Whichever package you choose, Auto-master provides Personal Accident protection for driver and all passengers.


Secure your vehicle against the forces of nature. This Cover will protect your vehicle against damages directly caused by typhoon, flood, hurricane, volcanic eruption, earthquake or other convulsions of nature.


Protect your vehicle against the perils of social unrest and lawless elements. This cover will respond to loss or damages to your vehicle arising out of riots, strikes, or malicious damage done intentionally or unintentionally by third parties.


Roadside assistance is the attempt by a service professional to make minor mechanical repairs and adjustments in an effort to make a vehicle drivable again. There is a seemingly infinite list of things that can go wrong with a car, which can make it a worthwhile addition to any car insurance policy. If you cannot drive it for any reason and the service professional cannot restore your vehicle to a state in which it can be safely driven, then you’ll be in need of one of the following services.

Give your Car an All-Round Protection

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AAA Benefits

Towing service is provided when the roadside assistance fails to make a vehicle drivable again or able to be driven safely. Depending on your roadside assistance provider, they will tow your vehicle to a mechanic up to a limited number of miles. In the event you want or need your vehicle towed beyond that limit, they won’t leave your vehicle stranded, but they will charge you extra.
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Flat tires happen and roadside assistance is there to help. If you are a member of some roadside services, a service professional will report to your location and replace the flat tire with the spare inside your vehicle. Roadside assistance for an automobile will not typically cover a flat tire for a motorcycle or any other two or three-wheel vehicle.
Fuel delivery service is provided to drivers who run out of gas while driving. A service professional will come to your location with enough fuel to get the vehicle to the nearest gas station. Some roadside services charge for the fuel. Those that do charge will use the area's pump price in determining the fee for the stranded motorist.
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Battery jump-start service is an attempt to start a vehicle by jump-starting the battery, unless otherwise advised by the manufacturer. For example, anyone driving an electric car should reference the owner’s manual, since they operate differently that most vehicles on the road and have fewer qualified service professionals. Generally, hybrid vehicles use the battery which powers the electric motor to turn over the gasoline engine, making it unlikely they would ever require a jump-start.
Lockout service and locksmith service are both for when a driver cannot gain entry to their own vehicle. But there is a difference between the two. Any time a roadside service professional helps a driver open their vehicle, that falls under lockout service. They usually can gain entry using a pump wedge or a long reach tool to unlock a door. If the roadside service professional cannot gain entry to the vehicle, a locksmith service will be called. Some roadside assistance coverage will cover the cost of a locksmith, or partially cover the cost, and others will not.
Extrication or winching service is the process of moving a vehicle if it is constrained or stuck. If it takes more than one service professional and truck to dislodge a vehicle, there are typically additional costs added.